Sunday, March 20

finding beauty in the mud and shadows


All the photos posted here today were taken yesterday afternoon as I walked around the farm, my boots making those long sucking sounds as they plunged in and out of goopy, wet puddles and sinkholes of ooze.

We didn't come in until the light went down and man, did I have two happy dogs. 

Henry:  Who you calling happy?

Okay, so maybe they don't like it so much when I bring a camera on our walk, slowing us down to a standstill and moving rather leisurely through a big field, whatever.  (Private note to Henry: some dogs actually pull their owners on little sleds-- it's called servitude, buddy-- so as long as you aren't hooked up to a harness and pulling my camera-loaded ass around, I suggest you rethink that pouty pout-pout you got going on).

But seriously-- I have a bunch of playful pics of them and will bore you with a dogalogue tomorrow.

Last night a massive (it's still going this morning) bonfire was lit in the center of the snowy (snowy!) field and a bunch of us stood around it.   We drank beers and watched the full moon come up into a clear sky.   It was a great way to usher in the new season. 

Meantime, mud!  Pretty, pretty, pretty mud.


Bisous, E


  1. scamp (aka Shirley)March 20, 2011 at 8:43 AM

    Yummmm...mud pies, mud cakes, mud prints...

  2. The photo of Henry is private :) And you find beauty EVERYWHERE. You're a beauty genius, that's what you are!

  3. Now it's not! I can see that scrunchy face now :) He's so cute!

  4. Ahh capturing the beauty of mud season......memories

  5. I love these photos! And to usher the new season drinking beer by the light of the moon? Goodness, should we all be so lucky. :)

  6. I can;t see pic of pup either. Love all the tree relections..

  7. yeah-- I do not know what is going on with my flickr photos-- he was there, now he is gone-- same thing happened a while back with the snow in my hair photo-- I have a query in to Flickr team to see if they can help me out with it-- permissions are all open, etc- makes no sense.

    xoxo, E


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