Friday, March 18

for you, for Japan

spring memory, by Abby Powell

Across etsy (across the world) people are making donations to the relief effort for Japan. In the case of etsy, these offerings may seem small-- perhaps insignificant in the face of the enormity of tragedy, devastation and loss that has followed the earthquake-- and yet, I believe in the small. I believe in the individual. I believe that small shifts can create great transformations just as I believe the bucket is filled drop by drop.

Yesterday, I saw that Abby had put up "spring memory" on her etsy site and wrote, "Like many of you, I am deeply saddened by the tragedy that struck Japan. Eight dollars from the sale of this print will go directly to the American Red Cross for their Japan earthquake and tsunami relief efforts. I shot this one spring morning in Portland with my vintage yashica. It gives me hope, and couldn't we all use a little hope right now?"

So, I bought ten copies and am offering them to you. If you leave a comment (and PLEASE leave an email so I can get your mailing address) here before 10am Saturday morning EST-- I will do a random draw for 10 of you and have your copy shipped directly to your home.

Yes, this is a tiny gesture that can in no way allieviate the horror, the pain, the grief of what the people of Japan are experiencing right now. But there is no one thing that can undo the devastation. And if, collectively, we all shift our hearts, our thoughts, our prayers and know we are all in this together-- well, it's a beginning, it's a strengthening-- it's something.

And the beauty in this image is something we can all reflect upon, daily.

Bisous, E


  1. I had a pink dogwood that grew outside my childhood bedroom, seeing this print made me remember the hours and hours I sat in the window watching it bloom. You are a good soul, e....

  2. oh my. What a lovely picture and a lovely blog.

  3. You = so generous, and so inspiring.

    I love your philosophy of finding comfort in the small gifts. When something as catastrophic as this disaster takes place, it is so easy to think, "My little donation won't make a difference." But when you have millions of people making small donations, the result is overwhelming. Thanks for reminding me of that fact!

  4. I agree wholeheartedly. It's tiny gestures like this that can change the way we think and strengthen people to come together.

  5. "I believe the bucket is filled drop by drop"...that is SO PERFECT. I'm actually not commenting for the print, though I think it's lovely. I just wanted to tell you how much I love how you think.

  6. As a collective, one day at a time, we can help to rebuild what Mother Nature has destroyed.

  7. It is the small moments, and gestures that end up meaning so much. Such a reminder that we can all do a little to make a difference.


  8. I read something yesterday and I cannot remember where - but it said that a small gesture of beauty has more impact on us than anything

  9. What a beautiful gesture (and photo). YES, every single little thing does absolutely count! bridget_royle(at)yahoo(dot)com

  10. We can all use a little hope. Thank you.

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    EACH of you above will receive on of these gorgeous photographs. xoxoxo, E

  12. eeep! Jennifer-- please send me a mailing address for you-- send it to:

    xoxo, E


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