Tuesday, March 29

it's Tuesday? are you sure?


Damn if I'm not off my game.

Reasons I should be feeling GREAT:
1.  there are only two days between me and April
2.  Noel came up and spent the weekend here with me and oh my, what a gift-- seriously, you know how people say "your presence is a gift?"  It was truly like that.  Her presence is a gift and we walked, talked, ATE, got fresh (hot) maple syrup right here at the farm,


went antiquing, shopped at Wholly Tara, made a fire, played in the studio-- in short, 'twas much with the loveliness.
3.  Full on sunshine and blue skies.
4.  Friends, family and life in general.
5.  Thea


Reasons I seem to be slagging, dragging, and all around lagging:
1.  splenetic
2.  my body hates me
3.  not drinking enough water
4.  sleeping with dogs is a nice idea but they don't really allow for a full night's sleep (they totally hog the bed and I end up with like 4 inches of bed with my body hanging off, foot grazing the floor, thinking, what the hell? and there's Henry stretched out like the 8th king of England, the bastard) 
5.  fucking SNOW


Last week, inspired by all the bloggers I was reading doing different variations on a "cleanse"-- I thought-- YES!  That is what this body needs-- clear out the toxins and the sludge (and let's be honest, the three months of butter, ice cream, pasta and bread otherwise known as the Diet of Winter 2011) so being the rather cautious soul that I am-- I went to the health food store and got some capsules that were going to be integrated into my regular life because I am so not about drinking lemonade for three days or cabbage soup for a week-- I am just not ever drawn to extremes-- but some gentle shifting?  Why yes, sounds perfect.

Except, it was not.  I won't drag you through the discomfort-- but the realization I had last night was -- oh DAMN, that's right-- I was supposed to be drinking lots of WATER, fuck, I forgot that part-- and so I stopped the "cleanse" and now here I am as cranky and unshifted as I was before it-- or maybe, worse.  Hard to say.

And you know what else sucks?  I can't find any health practitioners around here-- it's not enough that I have to drive 35 minutes (one way) to get groceries -- try finding a doctor or acupuncturist or god forbid, an ayurvedic specialist anywhere within 2 hours of me-- ha.

Did I mention splenetic?  Oh good-- would hate to think I hadn't prepared you for my version of the tasmanian devil today.

On the plus side-- well sort of plus side-- I'm about to reveal to you a wee bit of stalking I have indulged in of late-- I ordered up some faboo lotions and potions, powders and magic goodies.


Cruising around the internet-- I landed at this site (very inspiring to me) and she recommended her friend's goodies-- and hello, how on earth would I ever resist a bath additive called CLEAN SLATE?  They arrived last week and hella bella-- Soooooooo good!!!  Oh man, so good.  My favorite is the dragon's scrub-- which isn't in the picture cause I used it first and it was heavenly!  My skin felt amazing.

And then, second part of the too stalkerish behavior?  I also read that she had a ritual of watching Bell, Book and Candle (the movie based on the play that inspired the tv series Bewitched) and I had never seen it before-- and so I netflixed it and watched it last night and YUM.  (If you are into MadMen only for the decor-- definitely rent this-- the second half wasn't as good as the first-- but TOTAL treat.  Nurtured my witch-y soul in a big way).

And so--it is Tuesday.  I have a stack of work that stretches from my wrist to my elbow--- I have exactly ZERO desire to do any of it.  I think the only good thing I can say about myself this morning is thank god I don't work in an office because I would be THAT awful woman in the cubicle next to yours, bitching and moaning and you'd be all "omg, I am gonna have to kill her-- she is driving me crazy."

So, my gift to the world today?  I'm staying home and my end of winter lament/kvetch/dump is contained to a tiny blog-- no bigger than a fleck of plankton in the great internet sea.

Bisous, E


  1. you totally spoke to mY soul today, I know it's all bitching and yuck but I needed it, because I'm not doing it because well I have a sick kid and I'm styaing with my parents for the 2nd weeek! ugh, did I say 2nd weke? wTF? anyway, the grey skies drear me out and all I waNT is some beach time, some sun, some wine and good friends. in a few short days I'll be there..if the kid gets better :) much love to you sweet dear friend, we love you with all the nooks and crannies of crankiness! and I totally know how Noel can give you that love - she is the best.


  2. Can you send Noel down here to NJ because I am in need of that special kind of TLC. Or can you come back to NYC with a pocketful of love and traipse around the streets with me until we forget all about the stacks of work and the snow and the mad mad way we fall apart before we put ourselves back together again? pretty please??

  3. I work in an office. 'Nuff said. - Jazz

  4. We all need to bitch every once in a while.

    We just do.

    So live it up, bitch it up and when it's all over, go play with your products because man...they look yuuuuuummmmmmyyyy!!

  5. Oh! I too have been avoiding humans lest I unleash the crank on them. Where's my kvetch committee got to?

    I love Bell, Book and Candle - can you guess WHY?! There aren't enough good cat films. Great film, I meant to post about it, but that idea went to the galaxy of half baked never realised post ideas where many of my best intentions reside!


  6. We ALL need a good bitch session. Go right on ahead. At least your sense of humor is still intact, that's a good thing. Hang in there winter is almost gone. Your move is almost here and lighter brighter days are coming. Life will get unstuck and start to flow.

    Or you can just tell me to stuff it with all my fluffy talkin. That's OK too :)


  7. Bitch bitch bitch bitch and rain rain go away, we are heading towrds the wettest march on record, and one of the coldest.... I work in a Office too seems like i needed to read this today and let it all out, thanks for allowing me to get it out. April will be nicer. At least we have lots of flowers blooming in our gray landscape. We are even postng on fb when anyone sees the sun! And it is only tuesday

  8. Man I love your writing, even when you're bitching you manage to bring up so many good things! Maple syrup? Movies? Bathtub goodness?

    Two wishes for you tonight: melting snow and a brighter Wednesday.


  9. It seems like many of us are ready, willing and waiting oh the waiting for Spring to grab hold.
    Loved stopping by, that movie was one of my Aunt's fav movies, she named her cat after the cat in the movie. Another great soapy find is http://store.17thcenturysuds.com/soaps
    I came upon them while attending the Ithaca's farmer market and use them all the time.



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