Wednesday, March 9

love & light

photo by Hillary Sloss

Oh man, what a group of women live in San Francisco and how utterly flipping off-the-charts lucky am I to have them in my life.

Last night Steph, Mizz Lizzie and Hillary went to dinner with us down in the Mission (wow, that phrase sounded, hmm . . "down in the Mission" . . think I'm going have to use that somewhere other than my blog sometime-- but I digress) and it was such a night of sharing and open hearts and I am so grateful to each of them for all the wisdom and life experience they shared with Lauren.

She got to sit in a circle with some of the most amazing women and received stories and experiences that can help shape her life-- help further her along her journey with more joy and less pain.


And my darling Lolo, sweet goddess in training.

photo by Hillary Sloss

San Francisco, my heart is full. Thank you.

Bisous, E


  1. you two are beautiful ... inside and out, upside and down, here there and everywhere, all over the place! such a treat spending time with both of you! xh

  2. You can really see a resemblance in that top photo: you are two beautiful ladies!

  3. how lucky to sit with all those goddesses and soak in the beauty, and they get to soak in the beauty of you and Lauren also


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