Wednesday, March 30

soul shaker

photo by Samyaoo

The photo above is what I wish I had to share with you all.  Instead, all I have to offer are dead leaves from a walk across the fields at Soliden yesterday afternoon.

These leaves are still hanging on the trees and beg the question, why?

Didn't they see their brethren drop to the ground months ago?  They're dead-- no chance the wicking spring energies can revitalize them back to their healthy, vibrant green-- so what gives?


Mostly what I came in here to say was-- I know I already told you about the magic of SEAN HAYES, but dear god, I woke up with him singing soul shaker (in my head) and oh man--- he feeds my heart energies like no one since Van Morrison has been able to do.

These are the lyrics:

You were a real street preacher
Talking about life’s abundance
Living it to the fullest
Giving us all that you could
A deep soul shaker
Surely a true heart breaker
Always be a guiding light
For anyone looking for a little bit more in life
You sang do it yourself
But then teach some one
When your heartbeat was taken away
You left us with so much spirit
You were in the wrong place at the wrong time
But you
You were a fire starter
Autonomy seeker
Freedom fighter
Singing there is enough for everyone
Potluck romance
Love that love dance
You walked that walk
Talk that talk
Joy bringer
A helping hand
Yes we can
Live lets live
You were in the wrong place at the wrong time
But you had it right
Wind blows
Rock falls
A wing breaks
Father shakes
Red light
Green light
Boy race with time
Mama crying
Warm night
Barrowed bike
Last dance

You were in the wrong place at the wrong time
But you had it right
For everyone
Had it right

That's what's going on in my world-- how are you doing?  You hanging in there?  I sure hope so--
Bisous, E

P.S. Above I have plugged in a vidoe of Sean singing this at the New Parish in Oakland, CA September 23rd, 2010.  The song pays tribute to Kirsten Brydum, a 25 year-old community activist from San Francisco who was fatally shot in New Orleans while on vacation in an apparent robbery on September 27th, 2008. Her killer remains at large.  (I have to admit it makes me crazy to hear people chatting in the background-- how DO musicians do it?  Sing their hearts out to an indifferent crowd that may not even be paying attention to them?  But, I will say as much as I enjoy watching this-- the recorded version you can listen to on the cd 'Run Wolves Run' has more depth and layers).

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  1. I've never heard of Sean Hayes, but if he has that soulful sound like Van Morrison well, I'll have to ferret You Tube videos on him.

    Life here in Minnesota is like life in the White Mountains, cold and snowy, still. But no dead leaves hanging on for dear life. Spring is trying her darnedest to emerge. I'm starting to see perennial shoots poking their heads up from the earth. Always a good sign.

    Life has been challenging this winter. Don't know why, could be I am developing less tolerance as I get older for how hard it is just to get through a day when temps are below zero and the snow is 5 feet high. OK slight exaggeration, but we had a lot of snow this winter, in the top five for snow accumulation. Anyway Spring is coming, the snow is melting, and spirits are lifting.

    And I am grateful.

    Hang in there E.

    And let you heart sing out to Sean Hayes



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