Thursday, March 10

things I love about San Francisco*

photo by Lauren while I was walking the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral

There is so much to love about San Francisco but number one is definitely THE PEOPLE.

Yesterday, Maya and Molly came and took us down to the Mission so we could stop in on Derek at The Curiosity Shoppe and check out this hippest arrondisement.  Seriously, two people took time out of their week to come and drive us around--- (yes, Maya-- we DID go to Tartine and man, did I load up on the late afternoon delights) from there we had lunch at the uber fabulous Gracias Madre-- went to the Japan district (yes! coolio tapes of all sorts were procured) and THEN, if you can believe it-- we high-tailed it over the big red bridge and hiked a bit up Mt. Tam where we came across two coyotes.  (Yes, it was right about then that we decided that might be a good time to head back down).

And then we did a teeny side trip to Sausalito for coffee and sunset across the water.

Seriously-- THE PEOPLE of San Francisco are JUST. TOO. KIND.

pictured above: Molly and Maya
busy Derek above waiting for the call . .  .
(Lauren was due Friday so most creative baby in the world about to arrive any minute now)

Number two most favorite thing about SF? 
The cool stuff, great shops, fab restaurants and yummy food.


But mostly? OMG---> THE WEATHER-- oh, sunshine and fresh breezes-- how I love you so.


Today we are headed to the Golden Gate Park, the deYoung Museum and a studio visit with none other than Alix Bluh-- oh dear lord-- this is some kind of good overload.

Bisous, E

*yes, SF and I have a complex relationship-- not so easy to wrap it up and slap on a bow-- but for today, all that I love . . .


  1. You are SO getting the hang of that new camera of yours. I LOVE the mushroom pic and the flowers!

    I am dying to visit Derek and Lauren's shop in person some looks so funky and eclectic! I am glad you are discovering so much goodness in SF!

  2. fun fun fun! i had such a blast yesterday. but boy am i wiped out. what a full day! wish i could go to gracias madre again for lunch right about now. enjoy the park today! xo


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