Thursday, April 7

fried eggs with buttered toast (and blackberry jam!)


The thing about faith is that it always pays off. Always.

Of course, the other thing about faith is it has no sense of time--none at all. What might feel like an eternity to us, is just faith sleeping late, rolling out of bed rubbing its eyes and smiling like, "what? did I miss something? what are you cooking up there? is that breakfast? Umm, I'm hungry."

And of course-- who can resist? That charm. That warmth. Because when you are wrapped in the arms of faith -- oh yeah, no better feeling in the world.

a current work in progress

Another thing about faith? When it shows up-- it shows up big.

Case in point:  last weekend, Noel and I kicked around and ended up in the studio (at her prompting) to mess about, play--- set intentions.  Cynicism has been a sharp terrier on my heels of late, so although I have made a commitment to faith (very teen-aged, I admit with lots of big sighs and eye rollings of 'sure, whatever') it's not to say my calcified heart hasn't been at the ready to drop like a rock and crush the tender new buds of any new projects. So although I played along with Noel-- I fully accepted that nothing would open up for me.

what I made with Noel

But, in the eleven days since we played together, a stream of things have bubbled up into my life-- opportunities, a most delightful commission (<--! I know! right?), books with the exact message I needed to hear, phone calls that illuminate my path like a string of burning torches-- and best of all, a connection to something within me that I had long since given up ever feeling again. 

Sometimes it feels to me that there is SO MUCH HELP all around us and all we have to do is get focused and ASK for what we really want. But there's a lot of fear in that, too-- or, maybe not for you, but for me there is.

To ask for what I want, to identify it is to run the risk of not getting it-- to expose myself to failure, disappointment and all those other awful feelings. Better to simply not want, no?


No, I am here to say, no. I understand completely if you need to move cautiously, gently, quietly-- nurture any part of you that may feel tender, wounded, unable to bear the piercing sensation of hitting the ground face first. But the alternative is to slowly suffocate-- to keep your dreams up in a box somewhere at the back of your closet that you only pull down every once and again to make sure they are still there before you stuff them back up, out of sight.

Find a way-- in whatever way works best for you-- but find a way to clarify what it is you want most-- and tell the universe-- even if you are just picking up a shell and whispering your request into its tiny pink curved ear.

Put it out there. Feed your faith.

Even when it rolls out of bed late, disheveled and looking nothing like you thought it would.


Bisous, E


  1. You are simply amazing. I really, really needed to hear this today. And possibly every day. Now I just have to figure out what it is I WANT so I can follow your excellent advice.

  2. oh Liz! I am SO glad-- you have no idea-- so so so glad--- and yes, I forgot about that part-- figuring out what you want is another whole beast.

    One possible approach is to take out a pad of paper and start writing down EVERYTHING that comes to mind-- small to big to pie in the sky-- to mundane-- everything and keep pouring it down without editing it at all--

    see if by allowing the stream of conscious to flow that maybe some gem will trickle out that you didn't even know was a want?

    who knows? all I know is I am COMING TO SWEDEN!!!

    xoxo, E

  3. In my experience I've always taken my cue from thoughts that continuously pop into my head. I've also paid attention to my emotions or reactions to those thoughts. The stronger the emotion or reaction is the more I know I have to pay attention. Because what ever event kindled the strong emotion or reaction is generally what I need or am craving in my life. Which I am not always conscious of. So same thoughts and strong emotions or reactions are another way to discover what it is you want or desire in life.

    Hope that helps is some way lizardek and yes, you too E. :)


  4. You ARE awesome, you know. What beautiful work.

  5. Ah yes Faith...need more of that! I love your artwork...just beautiful!

  6. gorgeous! (you, the painting, and the thoughts)

  7. Oh my, Elizabeth. Oh. My. This was such a deeply moving post. I also need to hear this over and over again. I am pairing it with Christina's post about learning how to fly and how you need to fall in order to do it. I am so lucky I found you and Liz and Christina and Sam and Bethany and now Willow. You are the women who stretch me the most and crack my heart wide open. Thank you.

    Also, I LOVE that painting. It is PERFECT. I know you said it was in process, but it is PERFECT. Just like we are, in process, but perfect, right?

    Sending you love and graditude...xo~

  8. Beautiful. Thank you so much. And that painting... goodness.

    I've been avoiding sitting down with my intentions, maybe I'll allow myself to play with them instead.


  9. this is wonderful elizabeth - the words and the art! i've been losing myself in magazines lately, scissors in hand, collages manifesting. trying hard not to actually pay attention to the messages in the magazines (really hate those messages), but letting my mind wander and art happen.

    and also, just today i realized my silent prayer had been answered. i don't even think i was aware i had been asking the universe, but she heard me and delivered anyways. it was a most unexpected and truly relished surprise.

  10. you know what bit just hit me between the eyeballs?


    Put it out there. Feed your faith.

    Even when it rolls out of bed late, disheveled and looking nothing like you thought it would.

    thanks. i needed that.

  11. reading this touched something in me... brought tears to my eyes. Faith and I have been fickle friends most of my life and I have been feeling the loss of that friend these last few years. thanks for reaquainting me with this old friend, I hope we can re-connect soon, faith and I. I adore that blue and white painting..



thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e