Wednesday, April 27

a girl can dream, non?


At eleven tomorrow morning, I sail north to visit this lovely lady before she leaves Montreal to join the man she loves in London.

(Whew-- in Sesame Street speak, I believe the sentence above was sponsored by the letter 'L').

With any luck, I will get in and out of the country without hassle-- but I have to ask you all to keep your fingers crossed since I am using the same passport they stopped me with last time--saying it was stolen, which it's not-- but you know, arguing with border patrol is not my most favorite pastime.

I'm also hoping to savor this artist's work again as I fell totally (madly) in love with her paintings the last time I was there.

Other than that-- the agenda is light. I am not bringing any "dress up clothes". It's boots and sneakers for me. I want everything to be easy-- and for me that is jeans and a t-shirt--

The past several weeks have been quite challenging and I am ready for a giant exhale. Hang out, walk about-- take pictures. Who knows? Maybe Winter will finally let go of this mad crush he has had on me and move on. Today there is a softness in the air and birdsong on the breeze.

I'm thinking there's even a chance Jeanine and I might grab a table outdoors where we can sit, drink and watch the world go by.

Bisous, E


  1. Sounds like a lovely escape!

    VR | Zagara

  2. Here's hoping Montreal will cooperate and give you good weather.

    - Jazz

  3. Have fun! I hope the crossing goes smoothly!

  4. oh my god, i can see exactly why you fell in love with Dominique's work. holy beautiful and haunting and something like a dark fairy tale. hmmmm? enjoy your time across the border, and may the crossing go smoothly.

  5. It is so weird. Sometimes when I visit the comment box refuses to show itself. It is like I forget which stone is loose in the wall in order for it to appear. I have tried several times over the past two days, so I think I may be tardy in wishing you a lovely trip. Hope you and Jeanine have a blast!


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