Tuesday, April 5

green, white-- and a bunch of dead brown stuff


(First, a shout out to Bridgmor-- can you send me your blog addy again? I have lost it in my impeccable filing ways . .)

So there is much with the white and dead brown with bits of green (not Spring green, mind you) mixed in. And I thought, why should I keep that all to myself? Why would I not want the world to enjoy peeling paint and misty whites?

Surely the world doesn't just want shimmering beaches and images of a pink heaven.

Goodness, no.

What's that you say? Those aren't really "greens"?-- too much work for your sun dappled eyes to see how the white sheers into an icy pale aqua?

Entendu, mes choux-- I can scare up something stronger.


But under it all? We got white. Nothing but white on white.


oh, and-- more dead brown stuff.

Bisous, E


  1. Elizabeth, thank you for reminding me that I'm not alone in the white-ness and dead brown stuff ... I really like these images alot!
    Hang in there,

  2. Oh E, I am beginning to feel, well sad that you are still living in the center of the fluffy white marshmallow . I always thought Minnesota was the last to green up, usually end of April into May. But your neighborhood, well if I could package up the warmth of the sun and fields of crocus and daffodils, I would send it sailing along on a warm breeze right to your front door.

    I want to say "hang in there" but it just seems trite at the moment.
    Darn mother nature, sometimes.


  3. Shimmering beaches and pink sands are totally overrated. Okay...nope that's a lie. But, would it make you feel better if I told you I was thinking of you while lying on said shimmering beach?


    Seriously...I am thinking of you a ton, knowing that you would love it here. Miss you!

  4. An apology is needed. In my haste to comment I did not read the post before mine.
    I stated saying "hang in there" sounded trite. In no way did I mean to offend anyone. If I did a profusely apologize.
    Now I will tuck my tail and walk quietly back to my room.

  5. Ah but you make all that white, brown and green so lovely through your lens!


  6. Thanks everybody!!! you are so incredibly kind to hang in there with me!! (and no, Bridge-- you couldn't ever be anything more than kind so no tail-tucking ever!)

    Things are shifting, they are-- but holy hella am I DONE with New Hampshire? Yes, the answer is a veritable Molly Bloom shout of YES YES YES YES YES

  7. Stunning...these images blow my socks off:) I love you immensely.

  8. Your photos are spectacular! Wow. I love your preachin' too.

    I want to know where the fields of daffodils and crocus are, because here in Bloomington, I only have dead brown grass with patches of dirty old snow in chunks. I will DRIVE to see them Bridgemor!

    Glad that you have your groove back Elizabeth!

  9. I know where all the daffodils are! Elizabeth i so get it with being done with nh.


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