Sunday, May 1

beauty, city magic & bliss (but they took my passport!)


It's not easy to settle down to the keyboard, into the computer. Out my open window the most beautiful first of Mays is sweetly closing into evening. Birds can be heard calling out their "good-night John-Boys" and a cloak of shadow is slowly stretching across the wide fields of bright green grass.

We just came in from a walk about-- not a big one-- just enough to get grounded and savor this amazing spring that is swelling up around us. There's a crisp perfection to the air, a cloudless blue sky turning dark and an ache to the newness of the grass and the budding branches. Spring just cuts me off at the knees. I don't imagine it won't always-- well, maybe if someday I don't live in the northeast? Maybe.

So the weekend with Jeanine was sublime.

Big surprise, right?

Life has a funny way of taking such good care of me, I really don't know who to thank. I shout up (and write down) loads of thanks on a daily basis, but honestly? I would really like to direct it to someone specifically, you know what I mean? Maybe that's why some religions decided to move away from the multitudes of gods and focus on just one-- make it all simpler, no? But it doesn't work-- there are too many worlds upon worlds and spirits upon spirits-- I guess I'll assume if they want me to thank them personally, they'll introduce themselves, otherwise-- generic appreciation it is.

Anyway-- the odd thing about this weekend is that it was relatively impromptu and yet, once we were together, it was so exactly right it felt pre-ordained. Both Jeanine and I are facing such similar situations and have traveled such similiar ground that it was rather heavenly to sink into her green velvet sofa and commit emotional hari kari. By which I mean, split open our bellies and let all the feelings, fears, anxieties, joys, hopes, anticipation, ideas and overwhelment pour out.

It was heaven. The weather even decided to cooperate and shower us with full on sunshine, blue skies and warm temps the whole three days. (Yes! There was much with the outdoor. cafe. sitting.)

I had told her it was gonna be a jeans and t-shirt weekend and it was-- we slept late, moved slowly, drank lots of coffee, lots of tea and followed our moods and let them lead us where they would.

We only broke out the cameras this morning at 7 am before I had to hit the road.


The drive back was rather lovely except for that stop at the border where they made me come inside and then took my passport-- eek. That's right. I am currently without a passport and it's kind of a messy situation that I am completely responsible for-- so let's see if those angels of mine want to bail me out and help me turn it around.

If you want the short version-- there isn't one. I realized with a thunderclap to the head as I was sitting on the bench what had happened to cause them to think I was carrying a stolen passport-- but I didn't want to tell them in that moment because things were already dicey and it would've just made things worse. With any luck I will be able to unearth the VALID passport that was issued to me in 2005 when I thought I had lost the one I have been carrying (we were moving and living in temporary housing while Soliden was being built) and I had to travel to Paris for work so told them it was lost and they issued another-- but then somehow, in the moves recently, I mixed the two up, i.e. found the "lost" one and lost the "valid" one-- without being in any way aware of my splendid audition for a Lucille Ball-esque sit-com.

So yes, S- to the H- to the screaming I-T.

And to think I pride myself on my organizational skills-- ha! The fact is, once an airhead, always an airhead.

But, I will get another one because how else will I get to visit Lizardek in Sweden?!


Meantime, I am happy-- if a bit happily tired-- to be home in my sweet nest.


Bisous, E


  1. Welcome home! Your weekend sounds so, so lovely. I hope you find the other passport because I know Liz is expecting you...I wish I could tag along.

    I worked all weekend, so this was so nice, with your amazing photos and just enough for me to imagine sitting in the cafe spilling my own guts... ahhhhhhhh.


  2. I do not think you are an airhead. I exhibit similar behavior on a daily basis, and like to call myself . . . scatterbrained? :) Today it was "complete spaz" when I lost my debit card for two hours. (it was under the passenger seat in the car!) Glad you made it home safely. xo

  3. Sounds like a fantastic trip (minus the passport confiscation.) I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself and I'm j.e.a.l.o.u.s. about the cafe sitting.


  4. I've done that exact same thing with my license...twice. Not as scary as a passport, but I can understand just how easy it is to end up in that kind of mix up! Your posts/photos always make me want to go explore Montreal :)

  5. Glad you had a fabu time with Jeanine. I LOVE THE PIX! Stop by Lupine Blossoms Fiber Arts inside Willow Pond Antiques & Goods on Friday to knit for a bit. Opening for the season at 11 AM. Can't wait to show you my new digs. The Friday Night Knitting Club starts May 13th, 4 PM to 6 PM.

  6. oh bother! as winnie the pooh would say. so sorry to hear of passport woes. but SO grateful for our time together. you. are. MAGIC. xo

  7. Hey guess what! I'm coming to Boston again. Guess when? Bet you can't guess! :D

  8. I'm so happy you two gorgeous gals got to hang out. Isnt staying with Jeanine the best?!

    Gotta get that passport back woman, so you can come visit over here!

    Madly in love with you


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