Thursday, May 5

looking up

David Wax Museum

Can you believe it? A Boston band that is actually so funky and hip and light-hearted that I assumed they were from Portland, OR or Austin, TX.

Maybe things are gonna be okay?

Another indication? I just found my VALID passport<--! ! !

Oh dear lord, the relief. I feel like the only appropriate thing for me to do now is book a flight somewhere, don't you agree?

Bisous, E


  1. Yes i think portland, or would be the place to go even though you don't need a passport!

  2. only if i can come with you...

  3. Oh my, what a gift this music is. Thank you! Glad your valid passport is found too. I find those people at borders so very lacking in humour. I was bodyscanned flying out of London the other day ... after flying 4 times in the States back in Nov/December and not being scanned once. Sigh.

  4. i have been dreaming about the stream running through the farm you were staying on all day. and the spring blossoms budding.

    now i can add longing for some good music played on the streets of boston ;)

  5. Sweden! Sweden! Sweden! hahaha!

  6. Oh this made me sooooo happy! You always delight me. LOVE YOU!!!!!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this song! It is wonderful! And YAY for finding your passport! Where will you go...??


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