Tuesday, May 10

so real it looks fake

the look of love

Isn't that sweet? Is that not a gaze of love and adoration? Yes, well, what is not entirely evident in that photograph is the big bone that Cuan is chewing on, ahem. Although in all fairness to Daisy, she did have it first and pretty much give it to Cuan, so perhaps I should give her the benefit of the doubt?

As I am thinking I am gonna need from you all as no doubt you are gonna think I pumped up the volume in these shots from yesterday when I tell you-- straight outta the camera-- the colors were flat out wild.


In my wanderings, I came upon the spot I first landed this time last year and thought to do a repeat-- but there's no such thing-- and in the end, I headed to the pond for a fresh take on the self-portrait to document my year here.


Right now it's Tuesday evening and I am barely catching up, getting back on track, since getting home late Sunday night.

I definitely owe Columbus, Ohio an apology as hot damn-- what a sweet town. I am not kidding. Cobblestone streets, old brick buildings-- enough art galleries to choke a Texas freeway and the. best. ice. cream. in the WHOLE WORLD. <-- just try and challenge me on that-- go ahead, try--- it is simply the best. Plus, a fantastic conservatory and killer shopping that I didn't even get to sneak a peek of--- so yeah, Columbus allow me to snack on this bowl of crow while I continue to type.

((I passed on all your loving to Lauren and she was very appreciative!))

Family time was good and had a great novel to read so didn't mind the airport layovers. Monday morning hit me like a brick wall-- but I am hoping I have my mojo back by tomorrow afternoon so I can begin planning for my trip down to Providence for Christine's book launch par-tay!

My fingers are crossed that I will be able to get into my apartment to do some measurements-- but not sure if that will be allowed or not.

All of which to say-- my brain is not really operating in any smooth function-- had quite a challenging day, emotionally, and feel like all I'm good for in this moment is blowing bubbles, but I did want to share one thing I read this morning that rang true for me. It's from Denise Linn's book (that I've been doing-- thanks to Susan P's book rec in the comments back in March-- THANK YOU, Susan!!) and she writes, "stress is just a modern-day word for fear."

I like that. I'm playing that around in my head, especially today as I grapple with stupid business stuff that I really wish I could hand off to my uber-talented (and highly educated in business) business partner, you know? Remember how I failed Algebra? Remember how I failed the one with signs and co-signs (ed. note: hello, SPELLED WRONG) velocities or velociraptors or what not-- that one? Yeah. I'm pretty sure no one ever gave me a test in junior high looking to see my career potential and suggested, hmm .. why not run a business?

Like 100% sure.

Anyway-- my point was, stress. I'm done with it. It's just another word for fear and fear can suck it. Seriously. Fear can go find my old friend self-sabotage and the two of them can go snort glue in some crack den for all I care.

I am here. I am keeping it real. And that is all that is written on my dance card.


Bisous, E


  1. "Fear can go find my old friend self-sabotage and the two of them can go snort glue in some crack den for all I care."

    This quote - lady - this quote, I am keeping for.ev.er!

    Love it. and you.


  2. Man, oh, man! was this a blast to read, not to mention the gorgeous photos and, my favorite still, those beautiful pups.
    thank you, thank you, thank you for it all.

  3. I'm thinkin' "fear can suck it" needs to be embroidered into some pretty needlework piece for you. Yup. It must be done.
    And wouldya look at all that GREEN?!!!
    We're loving it here too....

  4. There's a quote I found recently (that I love very much) that sprung into my head as I was reading this. It goes...

    peace. it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. it means to be in the midst of all those things and still be calm in your heart.
    - unknown

    Blowing you kisses

  5. I love that quote! It totally rings true...doesn't it? I will try and tell my stress to suck it with yours...hope it works! xo

  6. Love that 3rd self portrait.. looks like you are looking forward to the next part of your journey. I am SO with you on kicking fear to the curb. My post today dealt with fear and how it can keep you stuck in a bad situation.


  7. I love the one with daisies on the brain!

  8. Love your take on fear! Empowering. I know you don't always feel like it, but you are inspiring! Keep being real and we will all keep loving you. Glad to see spring is creeping its way north!
    Email me back sometime? :) xo

  9. I just printed this one out - and (sniff-sniff) glue-ing it into my journal

    laughter and tears at the same time - what a great way to start the day!



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