Friday, May 6

wherein May goes all goddessy on me


Do you think maybe there's a rulebook somewhere that says shooting directly into the sun is strictly verboten?-- (if yes, then-- oops, my bad).


All the shots here are from this morning circa 6:30 am-- right now it's going on 4pm and it feels like there are a million miles between those two times. And, as much as I would love to be boarding a plane to somewhere dreamy-- tomorrow morning at 6:30 am I fly to Ohio for my niece's college graduation.

No offense, Ohio-- but you're not really passport-worthy, you know?


One thing about my dogs-- they get really excited when there's snow. Of course, they're dogs-- so they also get really excited when there's rain, mud, dry leaves, or turkey poop-- basically, if the activity involves a walk, they are all in, but I kind of wish they could share in my excitement for fresh green grass and all the wild smells of Spring, alas-- it's all the same to them; they are pretty much happy every day.


Which I was thinking about on our walk this morning.

Dogs are not moody-- not even spoiled and needy dogs.

Sure, they may exhibit a certain "begging" manner for attention or food--(well, not yours, of course, but mine were raised by wolves) but they don't have moods. Or, rather-- they have one mood-- every day, no matter the weather, whatever the season: happy.

Really happy.


I feel so lucky to have them because they keep me grounded, they keep me on track.


My apologies for this overload of photographs and half-baked ramble of a post-- I really have so many things I want to say and share, but mostly, I want you to be wrapped in beauty-- the beauty of an early May morning where the light blasts through new leaves and makes everything gossamer.


I want you to feel love all around you--
love all around you, always.


Bisous, E


  1. feeling it, always from you.... love you back...

  2. Have a great trip, even though it's not to the beach . . . you're the best.

  3. such beauty! and give my love to your niece in Ohio! so much ahead of her now :)

  4. Love, Love, Love to you. Safe travels xo

  5. all around me...
    ...bouncing back at you...

  6. All the photos are beautiful, but the first 3 made my heart speed up. And my love your dogs are always happy because they live with YOU! I would be happy every day too:) I hope your trip is worthy of some pics. I somehow know you captured some beauty in Ohio. Love you xoxoxox

  7. These photos took my breath away. So beautiful. Have fun in Ohio. I am sort of stunned that she is graduating already. It seems like yesterday that she was a freshman having some troubles adjusting, now she is ready to take on the world. In large part because of you. xo.


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e