Thursday, May 26

you gotta laugh

photo by Thea Coughlin

Seriously, who else would have a mystery illness that a wide range of health care professionals failed to identify that was finally* accurately diagnosed by a veterinarian?

Or, perhaps if you live as closely with animals as I do, one should simply sign on for a family plan at the local vet?

So how it went down-- on Tuesday, Henry was due for his annual round of shots and whatnot. I would've rescheduled it (given how I was feeling and the fact that 200 people are arriving next week and I had a few things to do), but there were no viable options and so off we went.

In the doctor's office, the usual chitchat. Doctor asks, how's he doing? And I say, well, you know? He's being kind of weird. And the doc says, well yeah, Henry is weird. And I say, no-- I mean more than usual.

Dave and I had both noticed he wasn't himself. For me, he was lagging way behind on our walks, wasn't interested in treats-- all he wanted to do was go back to bed.

So the doc asks a round of questions and then says, hmmm-- blood work says he doesn't have Lyme disease-- but let's do another round-- and back it comes: Henry has anaplasmosis.

Oh my gosh, I say-- what the hell is that? So he explains and goes through these symptoms and as he does a bell goes off with each one-- so I say, um doc-- can humans get this? And he says-- oh sure.

And so as I am walking out of the vet's-- I am calling my doctor to see if I can get some more blood work done-- which I did on Weds (was that yesterday? I am so confused in this moment as I am typing to you from Providence)-- and the doc had never heard of this thing and had to find out which lab test to run etc. But long and short of it-- all signs point to this being the cause of my months of illness and I was put on to the drugs to kick it yesterday.


Henry got put on his meds on Tuesday and Wednesday morning when Lauren and I took a morning walk-- Henry was out front. A bit prancy, even-- after only two doses!


So, it would be really nice if this were resolved. Although I wouldn't wish what I went through on anyone-- I learned a lot from being sick (you know that annoying, Elizabeth-life-lessons crap I focus on) and I will share some of that when I have more time.

Right now, I have to snuggle with Thea on the sofa (we are here at Christine's for a super fun exploring Farm Coast day).


Behold-- Henry the healer.


Bisous, E

*We think. Blood work results won't be back from the lab til next week.


  1. maybe it was meant to happen that way. you were sick with some strange, unknown illness and not getting better. dog gets sick so you take him to the vet, who then identifies your ailment as well?

    just sayin'

    glad he's all better, hope you are better soon too
    love you madly

  2. OMG hilarious and apropos and just plain strange all at the same time. i had to laugh because whenever we go to visit my parents at their place in Virginia (in the middle of freaking NO WHERE) i always warn the boys, "don't you DARE get hurt because the only person close enough to help you is a pig doctor and his needles are HUGE! wow. that says a whole lot about my parenting style, no? now i am laughing at both of us. but glad you *might* have the answer and the drugs to combat it and finally clear this mystery illness up. so glad. xo

  3. Colleen aka Flyinlite @ GMay 26, 2011 at 7:05 AM

    Oh Elizabeth...Thank you for keeping us entertained and informed.......Glad Henry is OK and you will be too......
    Having spent my 'formative' years on Aquidneck, many trips to Providence via my thumb...I understand how you can feel such contentment in your new surroundings. Best of everything to you!
    Colleen in Candia

  4. I have no words. This is amazing! And funny! And I am so glad that Henry is prancing again, and I hope you will be prancing again soon. Geez, Elizabeth, this cracked me up!

  5. I'm SO glad they figured out what it was and that it wasn't the doggity equivalent of Mad Cow!

  6. HA! It does make sense though that with all the time you spend with the dogs in the country, a vet would make the diagnosis. So hope you are feeling better! You do know that even when you're not sick, you can take a day to lie in bed and watch movies...just sayin' ;) xo

  7. WOW, yah hope you get well, and soon. Who knew about anaplasmosis? That aside, Farm Coast Day, it only makes me want to move back to New England even more. Wahhh. I'll get over it. Enjoy Thea and Christine. The baby photo, a gorgeous kissable cheek, and Henry, such a beauty.


  8. that is hilarious! and sounds like something that would totally happen here, too. my dad has been treating us with horse and dog drugs since i was a kid. scary.
    i am LOVING the photo of you. Thea's work just keeps getting deeper and more incredible all the time. can't wait to squeeze you next week! xo


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