Saturday, June 25

and, did I mention HIGH-SPEED INTERNET?

A better blogger would have all kinds of photos for you-- of the newly decorated living room, for instance. Or, perhaps the kitchen gleaming with every pot, plate and salad spinner neatly in place.

That better blogger is likely also better at many things, including moving house and taking photos. That better blogger does not live here.

Here, one room is completely full of boxes, bins, rugs, pillows, paintings, framed photographs, tables and whatnot. No progress on sorting that room has occurred. The living room has been fleshed out a bit with the furniture at least in their places-- bedroom is fairly well along with clothing in closet and dresser.

Kitchen is the focus for today-- you know, if I get around to it.

I am thinking this is the very first time I have blogged without photos in over 8 years. When I first began blogging I didn't even have a camera-- and then, when I did eventually get one, it was all about the dogs.

And now? I feel like it's not even a real post if there are no photos--- wild.

I realize that many of you read this in some kind of a "reader" so you don't see the l.o.v.e. links I post-- but you need to check out one I got from Susannah: the story of awesome. Last night I watched it before tucking into bed and I'm pretty certain I fell asleep smiling.

So, in the spirit of Neil Pasricha's prompts, here are some small moments of awesome from the past 48 hours of my life:

1. When the 20-foot U-haul truck broke down, it was smack dab under the awning of the Manchester Toll Booth. This was ideal since it was raining, I could then pull off left where there is a grassy waiting area since I had the two dogs in the car with me and they needed to get out every once and again since we sat there for over an hour-- everybody was safe. If the engine had failed even another half mile down the highway it would've been a very different roadside story.

2. Lauren helped me plan out where to put everything furniture-wise and so it was easy to drop everything into place and sha-ZAM! It works.

3. Yesterday morning, Christine and Little V came round and we walked-- little V in the red stroller, dogs on their leads-- all the way down to Wayland square past one beautiful home after the next-- on deep wide sidewalks-- got raspberry muffins from the bakery and munched them the whole way back-- then Christine went to her house, I dropped the dogs into my kitchen with a big breakfast-- poured a coffee with cream into a travel mug (I'd set it to perk before I left) and walked around the corner to Christine's where she had the baby in his high chair and was feeding him breakfast. We sat at the table and looked at each other and said-- wow, this was the dream. And here it is. So sweet.

4. Of all the people I have passed in all of our walks since arriving-- better than 95% are SO warm and friendly to the dogs! It is wild. Friendly. Yesterday, a car actually pulled to the curb and the two pretty women driving it wanted to know what kind of dog Henry is. Last night, we strolled through the hip, happening scene of Thayer Street (it was Friday night after all) and two cool chicks spent a lot of time petting both dogs-- and sharing great info with me about dog-friendly beaches and off-leash parks. Awesome.

5. This morning, Christine is in Michigan for a MUCH-deserved vacay. The kids and I walked down Hope (have I mentioned that I live on Mount Hope-- nearby street is called Benevolence-- keeping an eye out for Kindness, Love and Please-let-me-Puke-Here-for-all-the-Sap streets) to Seven Stars Bakery-- where I got two coconut macaroons, half loaf of sourdough and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.

Walking back up the hill, dogs happy, sucking my favorite juice from a straw--- Saturday rolling out in front of me and I have to say-- it all feels good. So good.

Bisous, E


  1. wonderland...pure wonderland! you so deserve it (except for the pile of boxes to unpack).

  2. Sounds absolutely perfect!! So very excited for you! xo

  3. You know I got a little teary eyed near the end of your post. You just sound like you got your brass ring and there's nothing more joyful for you than this moment in time. Glad to hear the butterscotch kids are adjusting well too. Sounds like all of you are off to a great start on your new adventure.


  4. Love you and the joy that is leaping off the page in this post. Can't wait for pictures of course, because I'm sure your house will be the most gorgeous place ever.... but I love reading your words just like this: paragraph after paragraph of the small details that make up your new life there. xoxo, C

  5. Love love the story of awesome, i had just come back from yet another traveling and knitting aventure with wendy, found your post on raverly and played the story with lew sitting right next to me. He was listening, so lets see how much sinks. Tming is every thing, thanks, i rwally liked it and am so glad you are "settling"in...

    Can wait to see pic's



  6. Hurrah! The eagle has landed! :)

  7. there is SO much awesome in this post my cheeks ache from grinning! welcome home, gorgeous ox

  8. I am so happy to hear that the "move" part is done. I also am happy that YOU ARE HAPPY! That the dogs are happy and that the furniture worked right where you put it down. I am excited to hear all about the new life for this new space. What a gift to have a friend so close to walk with and breakfast with. I am jealous of that. Welcome home Elizabeth!

  9. I LOVE Hope street... there's an amazing knit shop there -- Fresh Purls. The women are super friendly!

  10. Oh those U-Hauls.... Never rented one that didn't break down. Providence is lovely -- I really enjoyed the year I lived there. Sounds like you're in the same area!


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