Monday, June 27

a glimpse into the chaos


Progress is being made but my god, am I slow-- so slow. Putz putz putz is pretty much the pace and as I just typed that, I realized putz as a noun has an entirely different meaning in Yiddish slang-- oh well-- if there is anything I am not doing today is going back and ripping out words. No sir-- here, let me distract you with a flash of thigh.


The funny thing is-- it feels so good and if my one camera that is pretending to have a full memory card was not being such a, wait for it-- putz, then I could have real shots of some areas of the apartment that are coming together.


Okay-- that was a total lie. There is not one spot in this entire place that is "done."

And, in this moment, you gotta wonder-- will it EVER? But, keep the faith-- things are finding their place and it really is feeling good. Slow, but good.

thank god for the pink satin princess eye cover
that Tracey gifted me in NYC last February
as the ambient street light is requiring a black-out shade
that has yet to be procured

Until the office/studio is divested of its floor-to-ceiling boxes and guff, behold the temporary desk cum dining table:


Time to eat, walk the dogs-- and then, unpack, sort, dawdle, putz putz putz and putter.

Someday, someday it will be done.

Bisous, E


  1. Ahhh, yes. The mythical land of "done". I've yet to visit there.....
    I know the slow going of unpacking.... and the complete loss of course of action.... especially when distracted by a sparkly thing I had forgotten. Good Luck :)

  2. Your place looks lovely. Full of light and love! It is so nice when you have time to "putz" around and linger. I love it!

  3. Sweetie, I moved 2 weeks ago and there are still boxes around. And NOTHING is even closed to being put on the walls...

    I'm beginning to believe it will nevah get done. Evah.


  4. I think unpacking is supposed to be slow - you're building your sacred space, that deserves some deliberation! Let me know if/when you want a lamp delivery, my dear.

  5. I feel viscerally what you're describing here, Elizabeth, having just moved, too. Stepping out of the woodwork here to say it's a joy to get these glimpses into your inner and outer worlds so often. Wishing I could pop on by and help with the putzing!

  6. Love that bottle collection along the mantelpiece! xoxo

  7. So glad you are settling in! You know Providence isn't too far from Mystic. Let me know if you need any help with anything.

  8. moved 10 years ago. still have boxes of...ach! who remembers what was in them?? seemed important to pack it at the time though. someday.

  9. Ah! I see those pretty Swedish felt table runners :) The light looks amazing in your photos...can't wait to see more :)

  10. no hurry, right? it's better to take it slowly and figure out where everything wants to live. then, once it's done, it will be perfect.

    It looks lovely, despite the chaos. Very soft and soothing.

  11. looking good.. love the pops of color against all the neutral tones...

    wishing you the best,
    Karen D

  12. But ... if you're "done", then what next? Slow down and enjoy the journey, as they say!

    I really like your bottle collection. I've got four in my bathroom which look very similar - they used to be my granny's.

    Now, of course, I have the urge to go and photograph them!

    Best of very best, best luck in your new abode. I hope it will be kind to you. :-)


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