Monday, June 20

I believe today is Monday (but don't quote me on that)


Have you ever seen that scene in a movie where things are just so crazy and chaotic that when the phone starts ringing your heroine can't find the phone and gets more and more frantic as she digs through stuff sending papers and boxes and bottles of Windex flying until she finds it somewhere ridiculous like in the box of dog medications that was inadvertently left in the bathtub but by the time she is breathlessly shouting, hello hello-- the caller has hung up?

Yeah, me too.

(And for the record-- what a total crock-- like THAT would ever happen in real life!)


My things are packed and I've only got some last bits to wrap up before I am ready for the moving truck that arrives Wednesday morning. Plan is to pack it, park it-- and then Thursday morning we-- the guys in the truck, and me and the dogs in my car-- caravan down to Provy where my stuff is easily* transposed into its new setting.

Some of us are not at all happy about the disruption to our regular lives that the move has caused.


(side note: is it just me, or are Henry's brows getting white?)

I know there are those of you out there who love a good moving day-- but holy hell-- I am not among the ranks. Moving sucks. Surely there's a t-shirt that says as much.

But if you do have to move-- I highly recommend you become friends with the man who could teach Martha Stewart how to pack boxes. Yes, Forrest-- he is the reason all my stuff is packed--- and it gets better-- he ORGANIZED all my stuff so perfectly it is gonna be a dream on the other side when I unpack.

pictured above is an unsuspecting Forrest
who thinks I am showing him how to use the lens on my camera

Yesterday and today were glorious-- high pressure, blue skies-- pretty pretty pretty-- but no photos have I. My one camera insists its memory card is full (total lie), the other isn't the one I want to use.

But mostly?

You know how we've said there should be more than one word for love? I think the same is true for tired. There has got to be more than one word for tired cause I am tired in a way that just exhausts me even trying to tell someone how flat I feel.

I think it's a time for a new dictionary--- it's a whole new world out there, people-- and our vocabulary is weak and limited. Bring on the new words-- let's make this puppy sing!


Bisous, E

*hey, once a drowsy fabulist, always a drowsy fabulist


  1. I think you'll find the word you are looking for is *knackered*


    good luck with the move, gorgeous! it's one of my least favourite things to do too, so i am sending you all the mojo i can xx

  2. Believe me, this too will pass.

    But I'm with you on the moving sucks thing. I have sworn I will never move again. Ever.

  3. I haven't moved in over twenty years, but if I was, and I was going back to New England, I'd be over the moon happy.

    Good luck on your move, hope it goes off without a hitch.


  4. Moving sucks, and it can be a good thing... I will surely miss all the wonderful photos that make me want to move back I said recently you can take the girl out of New England but you can't the New England out of the girl ( even after 19 years)


  5. Great picture of Forrest. You are simply bluepoppulous!

  6. I wish you a happy smooth easy non-eventful move!!!

  7. Moving DOES suck! Just thinking about it makes me shudder. Somehow it will be an adventure I am sure, your life seems to be one adventure on top of another, why stop now? Henry is so sweet, I want to kiss his sweet, sweet face. And Forrest? He is cute HE ORGANIZED YOUR BOXES? Wherever did you find HIM?

    Good luck with the move! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  8. There she goes! There she goes again! Moving does suck, but moving IN? Is awesome. Unpacking is like Christmas. Organizing your space just how you want? PRICELESS. Live it up!

  9. oh I love this post-and Henry-man I love your pics of him...of everything in fact, but especially him:)
    Forrest is so handsome. Love that pic too. Can you tell I could possibly be your number 1 fan. hee hee

  10. i love to move but hate everything about it that leads to packing and unpacking...but love a new space :)
    good luck and thinking of you!

  11. i was thinking of you hauling boxes in the rain... hope it all went as smoothly as possible! xo


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