Monday, June 13

the one-minute update


Since we last spoke, the lilac bush under my window has bloomed. There are now four black Angus cows at the farm and three 8-week old piglets. Daisy has perfected her seal imitation, tiny white flowers edge the pond and ladyslippers cover the hillside (note that I no longer call them scrotum flowers, am grown-up).


Last night I got back to the farm about midnight after a long trek home from Providence.

There was a terrible accident on I-93 (11 firetrucks, 5 ambulances, numerous police cars) which had us sitting for a long while. Brought me right back to a winter night when I was seven years old and we were the first car on the scene when a drunk driver coming down the wrong side of the road totalled the car in front of us.

If it hadn't have been them, it would've been us.

In that car were a father, mother and two daughters.
In our car was my dad, my two brothers and me.

All I can remember of that long, long hour is the screaming of the younger daughter. Her endless screaming as both the mother and her sister were killed that night.

When we were finally allowed to crawl by last night's wreckage, there was a young man/boy in handcuffs, a car with no roof, a smashed SUV with exploded airbags, another few crunched cars spun about and shattered glass everywhere.

The drunken driver from my childhood scene ran away-- but was later caught.
The boy in handcuffs was laughing-- I heard him.

Anyway-- that's what was with me for the rest of the ride home.
What's still with me now.


Sorry for all that-- but I haven't seen or talked to anyone since I got home and I need to process it out.

In Providence, Lauren and I transformed a kitchen with green walls, brown cabinets and yellow counters into a rather clean slate. I am going to share photos here but they kind of suck-- you'll probably get another dose later when she sends me her shots since she really got some good ones. These are just to give you an idea.


In Process:


I brought the dogs with me and I have to say our first day in Providence was just amazing. Sidewalks everywhere-- people were friendly and the mutts did great!

I think we are gonna be okay.


Lucky for me, the rest of the apartment is all white walls and white trim-- so the kitchen was the only project. Woot.

Everybody has their "thing" and mine is I can't stand brown wood-- don't like heavy, dark brown-- so pretty much everything gets a coat of white paint. Including a mahogany dresser I got at a second hand store that had a mirror attached.

Lauren and her boyfriend (<--!) painted/distressed it for me while they were staying at the farm and I was at SAW. It is in the porch area so I was coming in last week from a walk and snapped some self-portraits in it with the field behind me and the maple syrup all around me.

Because that is how I will always remember my time here-- surrounded by beauty and sweetness.

Bisous, E


  1. Oh, Elizabeth! It is amazing what a coat of white paint will do! And, I know it is weird, but I especially love the did you do that? So feminine. The perfect accent to that "new" room!
    About the accident(s): There is such a haunting that happens when you witness tragedy. I can't imagine the LAUGHING. How awful. I am glad that you are okay, and I hope that those who were in the accident last night are/will be okay as well.

  2. What a lovely space to begin a new adventure in. It's so exciting to begin something new and to make the experience your own. I suspect lovely and inspiring things to come your way. Your path is wide open. Gosh I love new beginnings.
    I am excited for you E.
    Can't wait to see it all unfold.


  3. Scrotum flowers. Well, that's what they are, isn't it?

    - Jazz

    PS: the new apartment is lovely! And painted furniture kicks ass, despite what the purists might say.

  4. I'm with you on the brown wood. I have found that light colors and lots of white is good for my soul. So excited to hear about your move to RI. AND I CAN.NOT. WAIT. to see you in Sept.


  5. LOVE your kitchen - even though painting cabinets sounds like zero fun to me! Your apartment is just gorgeous - love that mantlepiece. And I like the countertops - so vintage.

    As for your memory - how perfectly creepy and haunting. Thanking the Universe fervently that you were protected that night - not that I wish any ill on anyone else, but your life is one that is particularly precious to me.

  6. love the kitchen! so amazing. the whole space seems so bright and airy. also, so scary about the car accident and how real that is for you. i'm hoping that space is filled with peace today. xo

  7. blogger ate my comment. was going to say that my kitchen growing up had that very same linoleum floor. so sorry for the untimely reminder of such tragedy. here's to moving on--less than two weeks for me. my new digs have lots of lovely wallpaper. ;)

  8. Oh my your new home looks so lovely! So...when can I come visit? xoxo

  9. We want photo's of the piglets!!!!! Oops...please!

  10. Most definitely surrounded by beauty and sweetness. Looks like you will be in Providence as well. The place looks great. I love picturing you there...

  11. oooh, so so happy for you and been waiting to hear how it all is going. can't wait to see you all moved in ...thinking of you often.


  12. you will be so much more than ok. :)


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e