Tuesday, June 7

so sweet, oh, so sweet

terri + me, photo by Thea

June SAW was simply lovely. I was the most relaxed I have ever been (thanks to ENORMOUS help-- more on that later), medication kicked my anaplasmosis to the curb, and even got to take my FIRST. CLASS. EVER. WOOT.

Am knitter. Hear me roar.

Or, hear me moan-- as this is the hardest week for me-- post-SAW-- add in a move that begins tomorrow and there's no time for photos or chatting.

Please hang in there with me-- I have loads I want to share-- just have to deal with mucho stuff on this side of the screen.

Be well-- more soon--

Bisous, E


  1. :) So, so, so HAPPY it was a great time. Revel in the post Saw loveliness this week as you transition over to the R.I.
    Love you b.i.g! xo

  2. Oh! So, so happy that this week was 'chill' for you, Elizabeth. How wonderful that is! I thought about y'all so many times this weekend, wishing there would have been a way for Annabel and I to be transported to a cozy fireside spot surrounded by fiber-lovin' lovelies on Squam.
    And hooray for meds working! Blessings on your move this week...Wow! So exciting.

  3. Thank you for stopping in and letting me (and everyone else, I guess) know how SAW went. I missed you! I clicked over here a couple of times and re-read posts and comments...it was sad, really. So, so happy you had a relaxing-ish week and that you got to take a class!! Woot! Can't wait to hear more, and good luck on your big move! Yippee!

  4. I'm so glad to hear everything went well and that you are BETTER! Have been thinking of you and wondering when the big move was gonna start. EEK! Wish I could come and help you haul boxes (or pack...I'm REALLY good at that)

  5. thinking of you and sending you an amazing move!!! can't wait to hear more!! xoxo

  6. I've been missing you, but I knew you had, well, a big thing happening. Everyone sounds so blissed out from Squam, lucky ducks! I am thankful to hear you're feeling better. Sending you kisses and wishing for a big ol' hug. Love this picture of you, too, pretty lady...

  7. just look at the two of you! gorjus!

  8. Thinking of you as you wrap up June SAW and make your big move. Can't wait to see and hear the details.

    Sending you much love.

  9. I love you guys-- thanks for all the support!!

    big updates soon--- xoxo, E

  10. I can't thank you enough for so much creative nourishment in such a beautiful setting. I can't WAIT for next year!!


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