Wednesday, June 15

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Um yeah. All I can tell you is that if you EVER want photos that make you sing with happiness of you, or of someone you love, contact Thea Coughlin. I know you think I am biased (and I am) but I am telling you-- she has the genius for taking portraits.

All of the shots in this slideshow she put together were done in less than 45 minutes one very cold VERY windy day on the dock--- I was utterly skeptical (despite previous uber successful experiences with her) because hello, I was freezing, it was windy as hell and there was no way she could make a photo out of this mess.

Um, yeah. I've seen the slideshow, so I am here, eating crow.

So-- it's a lovely morning here at the farm. Sunny, warm-- buggy. Not enjoying the bugs-- particularly since I spent 4 days in Providence where guess, what? No bugs.

Another total pro of the move to the city?---> Whole Foods three minutes from my apartment-- 3. minutes. (I may have wept in the parking lot from the sheer shock of relief that it wasn't a 35 minute drive one-way to procure food).

I want to tell you that I am so deeply tired that my head is in a fog-- but I can't because that would surely be registered as a complaint and I am so not complaining about anything-- plus, hello-- whatever "fatigue" I know is not a drop in the bucket compared to motherhood.

But, I am okay with just being with what is. I feel like I have climbed mountains these past five years-- mountains. I am utterly focused on getting my guff down to these new digs and then letting go. Completely. Doing as close to nothing as I can while being able to pay my bills.

This past SAW, a lovely woman offered to read my Animal Medicine cards-- it was quite enlightening and not at all what I expected to hear. The card that resonated with me most, though (oddly enough-- not an animal I would ever gravitate to normally) was the Opossum. It landed in my "action" spot-- ha. And Diana, the woman reading the cards said, "Elizabeth, sometimes the best thing you can do is nothing at all."

Oh yes. That one-- went straight into the marrow.

Right now, however-- there are boxes to pack, stuff to sort and a major move to experience-- but I'm taking it as slowly as I can and getting lots of help (THANK YOU, FORREST) and swimming in gratitude.

This is my life. I feel so keenly that I have created this life and I am cradling it in both arms-- bugs, exhaustion, fear, wafts of beach blooming beach roses on the breeze-- all of it.

I am so lucky to be tired from doing things I am passionate about.
I am so lucky to have sharply contrasting life experience between country and city.
I am so lucky to have new adventures ahead of me that flood my body with electrical currents.
I am so lucky to be surrounded by love and beauty.

I'm sure I've made you all puke by now-- but there it is.
This is me. This is how I feel.

Bisous, E


  1. You are so cool.

  2. Picturewise, I'm sure it helps that you're so damn photogenic.

    Good luck with the move and the subsequent doing of nothing.

    I just moved myself and am looking forward to the "nothing" too.


  3. Those photos are gorgeous. Thea is truly magical with her camera, although you are beautiful so she had a lot to work with. Wishing you good moving vibes. I'm happy you are happy.


  4. I hear you on the idea that I am photogenic-- but I promise you, I have BOATLOADS of photographs that would say otherwise-- the genius of Thea is she MAKES you look as if you are photogenic-- that is what is so amazing.

  5. You are LUMINOUS, nay ETHEREAL in this photos. Lovely, lovely.

    - Vespa Rossa

  6. That So gorgeous. You look peaceful and happy. I also need a nap. We just got back from Father's day shopping. I bought an apple tree. I know...crazy, but so, so good. Sending you all good wishes for your move, and encouraging the NOTHING. I took a week of that, and it was such a beautiful thing!

  7. Those photos are beautiful and you look absolutely glorious in them! Can't wait to hear about your new city life.

  8. I love where you are and as always you make me crack up -your writing tone is glorious. So thrilled you love the pictures and the idea that they let you see the light and beauty that you are makes my heart soar. xoxo

  9. The pictures are amazing. They capture such energy.

    Keep enjoying all the changes surrounding you right now!

  10. Hello beautiful! Love seeing you so very happy. Taking it slowly is a great idea...xoxo

  11. Gorgeous photos. And never apologize for being fatigued. Or cranky, or fed up, or ungrateful, for that matter -- you deserve multidimensional moods and feelings! And because we already know you're grateful. So bitch every once in a while -- you're entitled!!

  12. wow!!! you look so beautiful and earthy and sexy!! ( and your hair looks like it was blown-out specially for the shoot!)

    congratulations on moving forward--how lucky to be a country mouse and a city mouse more than once in a lifetime!

  13. Great pix Elizabeth..Thea has such great talent and you are a natural.. safe journey to your new home.. see you in September.

  14. Thea captured your beautiful essence in every. single. picture. I swear I couldn't pick a favorite because I love them all :) The combo of your friendship, her talent, & your spirit really comes across strong. Big love to you - because I love that you have landed right in the middle of your dream. xo

  15. Wonderful photos, sweet. Thea is magical in her ability to catch the essence of your spirit.


  16. be-yooooo-ti-ful lady.

    i love you


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