Friday, July 22


may 2011, pond at the farm

It's an odd summer when my most consistent blogging is a Friday top 10 when I have rarely ever done linkity-link lists of my fave stuff and when I have, it's been a totally random occurrence, but I'm not going to overanalyze it -- let's just say there's been a whole lotta change in my world and leave it at that.

We are still settling in and finding our way-- right now, with the heat in the day high as it gets-- today they are calling for 98 degrees-- I am on the hunt for fresh water for my pups to swim in. We did go to the beach yesterday which is fun, but not quite the cold drink of water they are used to.

Yes, we miss the pond BIG TIME.

I should probably do a list of all the cool, cold water images I can find on line-- but that would involve work-- and I am so not working-- instead, just a round-up of stuff I enjoyed this week in the hopes you do, too.


You've probably seen this cd launch from Gillian Welch everywhere the past week, but I have to tell you my copy arrived two days ago and I have been listening to it non-stop. So so lovely.
The harmonies slide right under your skin. So good.

Everything about it has the thought, care and hand-touch of genuine artistry-- check out the video below about how they came to have the gorgeous cover:

9. Ah, yes. Now if I only had a first-born child.

via Modern Hepburn

7. Maybe I should just call this post "the music version" as I also got caught up in this video and then the making of it-- I do love the behind-scenes-stuff-- always do.

I like the mess, the work, the unpolished stuff-- the process.
I'm always more interested in process than product.

via Modern Hepburn

6. Totally brilliant Providence-based card designer -- I mean, she had me at the tag line, "send somebody a card, they'll think you care." I bought like a hundred of these the other day-- okay, maybe not a hundred, but a LOT. Gonna give this one to everyone who has to put up with me and they can send it when I've been really annoying. And I had to get this one! And this one! You see what I mean . .? Can't stop.

5. The very first memory I have of the day Lauren and I arrived in Providence to paint the kitchen was the sound of an ice cream truck playing its song and winding down the street. The song our ice cream truck plays is When the Saints Go Marching In. One of these days I will get a photo of it. I haven't actually ever bought any ice cream from it because I am way too much of a snob for heavy, dense gorgeous ice cream like this and what you will get from a truck is a cup of frozen chemicals with food dye and corn syrup. But still, it is fun that such a thing still exists.

4. Of course this could totally cool me down.

from here

2. Oh happy day-- somebody is leaving the cool lake water of Michigan to come and sweat with me in a kitchen in Provy-- sweet!

kitten in sink
photo by Christine Chitnis

1. So if I were looking for cold, I found it in the cruel (CRUEL) humor of the universe. After months of hoping and finger crossing that Sean Hayes would come back to Providence, RI . . what appeared in my mailbox yesterday but his updated tour list with the ONE DAY he will be in Providence--- and it is the ONE DAY I cannnot possibly be here: Friday, September 16 (squam will be in full gear).

I mean, really-- what are the odds?

After squalling about like a teething 10-month old--- I bit the bullet and bought two tickets for the NEW YORK CITY show here. Yes, I did. With my trusty sidekick in all things wild and spontaneous-- we are going to see Sean Hayes the Monday before Squam . . .. boo-yah.

Bisous, E


  1. I love your Friday link posts. I've been enjoying getting to know Helene through her blog! I'll be testing a few if her dessert recipes once it cools down. (cannot wait for that class in Sept) Have a good weekend !

  2. Oh happy summer day. The heat wave we had here in the mid-west has now moved on and must be headed your way. Stay cool E. Need fresh water, there's always a kiddy pool for the pooches. I bought one for Maddie when the days were SO HOT we could bake cookies on the stone patio. Thanks for the links and the videos, they are fun to peruse.

    You and the pooches stay cool as best you can.


  3. The heat has been with us as well. Thank goodness our AC was fixed or we would all be puddles now. So glad you get to go to NYC for the concert!! Yay!

  4. you nourish me on this gloomy foggy saturday morning. love that you are sharing this space with us and all your fabulous links and that you took the plunge to go to NYC baby! xoxo

  5. lovely list- must say your top 10 lists are the best;)

  6. Ahhh, Gillian Welch is so good! And that new album is amazing. I saw her in San Francisco in July and felt like I was reconnecting with a whole part of myself from 10 years ago, when I first discovered her!


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