Friday, July 8

he called me Miss

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Something new and different: my Friday top ten.

10. Having a lovely neighbor come round for dinner- where we talk, nosh on platters of grilled steak, crisp cucumbers, heirloom tomatoes, drink iced grapefruit soda and then, in the deep dark of a city night that is punctuated by streetlamps and twinkle lights on people's porches-- we take the dogs for a late evening stroll down to Brown stadium where we let them off leash to explore the wet grass.

9. elizabeth and atlas

8. this thought


You Are Beautiful from Allison Tyler on Vimeo.

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6. I knew that the only way out was through. With my family and friends beside me, I would make it.

5. An oldie but goodie (via lotta)

4. The fact that Henry is such a private pooper that more often than not, he buries himself so deeply into a bush or hedge to do his business that there is no way I could find what he left if I tried -- so that's one less 'keep our city clean' pick up for me. And, that Daisy is such a neatnik and makes it easy for me-- my concern about living in the city with dogs and dealing with poop has, so far, been a non-issue.

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1. At the checkout in Whole Foods yesterday, the very cute 20something cashier asks me with a smile, "Miss, would you like a copy of your receipt?"

Really, miss? not ma'am?-- ohhhhh-- why, yes-- yes, I would.

Bisous, E


  1. This is such a delicious list...I will have to revisit to watch the video, I am on my way out of town for the night, but will return tomorrow. Now I have something to look forward to! And also...MISS? Really? I haven't heard that myself in YEARS. So. Jealous. (From: I hate Ma'am...)

  2. Scamp (aka Shirley)July 8, 2011 at 3:42 PM

    Can I just say that after a totally shitastic week, reading this and the links you shared has totally gotten my head back to a place that I think I'll enjoy the weekend?


  3. oh yes, Scamp! you most certainly can!!

    so so sorry for the shitastic week--- glad it is behind you now.

    xoxo, E

  4. love you to bits...thank you so much for all this! xo


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