Tuesday, July 26

light through the cracks

goddess sculpture
sculpture by PAIGE BRADLEY via the drawing board

My day so far was to get up-- take the dogs to the woodsy park where I drank my coffee and chatted with the owner of Gussie . . funny how you learn all the dog names but none of the owner names-- as we strolled through the pine needled paths.

From there we headed over to the open grassy area next to Brown Stadium where Daisy fell in love with a bounding one-year old yellow lab named Ruxin--- I should tell you about Henry who fell HARD (read: smitten) for a 5 month old puppy named Greta-- but oh man--- now I am headed to the train station to pick up my niece Kate who is coming down for the day from Cambridge. Hope she doesn't mind we have to stop and get groceries on the way back to the apartment since I was gonna do that last night but instead went out to dinner with Christine and little V and now there's no avoiding the fact that groceries must be procured-- stat.

All of which to say-- things are evermore full-out with good stuff but hell if I haven't let my cameras go cold.

Soon soon --- I have a plan to walk about with NO dogs pulling on me-- with only my cameras slung easily across my shoulders and spend hours gathering up some shots---

In other news--- life feels so good. Crazy. I know-- but I just want to go on record because I know how the tide shifts and changes-- but right now? I am walking the walk and talking the talk of how to keep the mind chatter focused on all that is, not judging anything-- simply seeing what is--- and anytime there is beauty, well soaking that stuff right up.

Result? I wakes up, and everything feels that much softer, that much brighter.

More soon--

Bisous, E

P.S.-- yes, I see that typo up there on "wakes" up and I could correct it, but hell if I don't like it somehow-- a bit of goof in an otherwise mundane laundry list of a post.


  1. I love this photograph, so much. Thanks for the intro to the artist.
    But more importantly, I am loving reading of your days, even as I race round like a mad thing here ... even in Ireland, where I've never been before, I was delighted to find you in my google reader at the end of a day.
    You delight me. Thanks for sharing it with us all

  2. i love that you are reveling in the happiness that is! we all need to do this. enjoy your days! xoxo

  3. Oh my gosh.....that photograph! WOW!

    So happy to hear about all the that is surrounding you. xoxo

  4. what a fantastic sculpture. And honestly? I think these kinds of drive-by postings are just as wonderful as some of the more serious, thought-out stuff: the really really you :)

  5. That sculpture is awesome! So. Cool. It brings me so much joy to hear about your life. I am so glad that you have found happiness!

  6. I have not been able to shake this photograph from my mind for days. It speaks to me so loudly. Cracked and broken, put back together by my own hands, peaceful in the pieces. I'm sorry to hear you were slammed by a brick between the eyes this week. I wish I could have been there to help you pick up your pieces. Have fun with Thea and enjoy playing in the dirt. I'm building a treehouse as we speak. These boys are grounding me in the heights!!


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e