Wednesday, July 20

of bunnies and skunks

A few weeks back I was out walking the dogs with my neighbor and mentioned to her how wild it is that I keep seeing bunny rabbits. Everywhere.

Asya said, "oh yeah, lots of bunnies and skunks."

And I was all-- um, what? Skunks? Seriously?

But I really didn't believe her. That's just my way-- you can tell me your truths but if I don't want those things to be true, I simply decide to ignore the facts and string up another row of twinkle lights.

So you know where this is going.

Our habit (because I totally over indulge my dogs and set no boundaries) is to go to bed and then sometime in the middle of the night, generally once I am deeply ensconced in the world of REM, Henry will decide it is the perfect time for him to relieve his bladder. No matter that I gave him sixteen different opportunities to water the ground before we went to bed-- 2am, 2:32am, 3:10am-- somehow so much more appealing to Mr. ScoobyDoo.

And so, last Monday night at about 2am ish--- I stagger out with the dogs, down the porch steps-- in my summer pajamas which is a skimpy tank top and boy short undies-- because really, why would I bother to put a robe on when I go out in the middle of the night since the whole world will be asleep, right? Bare foot (because obviously I don't fear broken glass or city diseases) I follow the dogs across the street-- who, by the way, much as I am without a robe are without leads due to the same logic of, no need, right?-- they find a suitable spot in the grass to get intimate with and I yawn as we head back to the porch steps when-- bam-- Daisy is around the side of the house where the garbage cans are.

Psst, I whisper-- it's a hot summer night, after all and I have like 40 neighbors in every direction whose windows are wide open. Psst-- Daisy, come.

And that's when I see it-- rising up above the porch rail is a white tail tipped in black. Daisy is nose to nose with a skunk.

In a flash-- all I can think of is if she gets skunked-- oh my god-- I have no tomato juice, it's the middle of the night, I won't be able to put her in the house, in the car while I go in search of cleaners-- the house and bushes will be skunked and oh my god.

Daisy, I whisper as firmly and harshly as I can. Come. Now. Daisy. Come.

But she's gone. Down the side of the house into the bushes at the back of the house-- she is gone-- CHASING. A. SKUNK. through the streets and back yards of Providence.

I run after into dark yards which with my bare feet cause me to hold back and also because they are gone and I have absolutely no idea what direction. And oh my god-- there are ROADS with cars and I am flipping out.

I hold my head in my hands and walk back around to the front porch with every step going over what just happened in my head-- like HOW. CAN. THIS. HAVE. HAPPENED? How on earth could I have let my dog off lead in the city and think it is okay? And what is going to happen?

And there, just as I turn the corner to release Henry from where I had tied him up to chase Daisy-- appears Daisy-- running at full tilt right back to me.

Unharmed. Un-skunked. A bit breathless from all the excitement.

Never has a dog been hugged so tightly or for so long as that girl was last Monday night.

So yeah-- we got no bugs, no bears, no fisher cats or moose. But damn if there aren't bunnies* and skunks.

Bisous, E

*not that I don't dote on the bunnies-- it's just another bit of dangerous distraction for Miss Daisy.

P.S. Sigh, on another note-- my darling Michelle is felled with a terrible case of bronchitis and won't be making the trip here. Sob sob. Gotta flow with life, alas-- but I am bummed for sure.


  1. eeek! we forget how rural a city can be -- little critters everywhere. I once pulled in to my driveway in my cul-de-sac in Winchester MA to be greeted by a fat skunk sitting on my front step. Needless to say, I stayed in the car until Ms. Skunk decided to amble away.

    So glad the doggies remain skunk-free!

  2. Many : ( for skunks and no Michelle. But : ) for bunnies and a honey of a dog who didn't get sprayed!

  3. Near the "mountain" here in Montreal we have skunks and racoons galore. I once had to sit on my neighbor's porch at 2:00 am because a mama skunk and her two kiddies were frolicking right next to the porch. They were actually quite cute, but not enough for me to try and make my way through. So I waited. For 3/4 of an hour.

  4. Hate to break the news but tomato juice doesn't really help all that much :)

  5. You know, my dad was sprayed twice by the same skunk yesterday. He caught the pesky thing in a trap, -spray-, showered, went to let him go -spray- and finally gave in and threw him a hunk of bread.
    That's one happy, well fed little creature.
    But I'll take a skunk over a bear any day!

  6. I read this post in the afternoon and the very same night both of my dogs were skunked! We used home canned tomatoes because we had no juice and then followed that bath with a flea shampoo. The odor is not as strong but it's still there. And the dogs are confused as to why daddy and momma gave them 2 baths in one week and why they are not getting their cuddle time!
    Deborah from SQUAM

  7. Just last night I was walking Maddie and she spied a bunny and bolted. Thing is she was attached to a retractable leash with me on the other end. She bolted so hard that the handle to the leash broke and off she went with the leash bouncing behind her. Thank goodness the handle did break because I probably would have a dislocated shoulder. Oye, dogs!
    I've never seen skunks though. I'm sure she would be just as enthusiastic to chase that too.


  8. SKUNKS? Oh, geez. And, at 2 AM?? Does it help that my dog sometimes decides that 2 AM is a perfect time to explore the yard as well? We only have to worry about coyotes and foxes. My little white fluff ball would make a mighty fine breakfast! Sorry your friend is sick. I would be bummed too. :(

  9. I.LOVE.reading your writing. LOVE it! Love you.


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