Friday, July 15

really? friday? you're sure?


Okay, fair enough--- I have not been online all week-- instead in that suspended animation of time where I think 'wasn't Friday yesterday?' And yet-- here we are. A week has passed and though I have done some traveling about (found THE BEACH WHERE I CAN WALK THE DOGS!!!)<-- sorry for the all caps and e-points, but damn-- I have never been so happy to see a "please clean up after your dogs" sign in all my days. A beach, people. Where I can bring the dogs.

As always-- we have done more than the average pedestrian's share of foot to pavement activity-- but do I have any new photos to share? Um, rhetorical? But, I am going to get us back on track and the weather continues to woo me with her sweet sweet days of summer and there is a rumor I am going to be at a tango class tonight? (I know, who starts these things anyway?)

So there are more words and pics that will be shaped and dropped here in the future. Right now, I will share my Friday top 10 and head to the shower.

half male butterfly

10.  This butterfly is half male, half female. Not sure why they didn't just name it Boy George, but you know scientists-- have to get all fancypants about stuff like this.

9. "When serenity is restored, new perspectives open to us and difficulty can begin to seem like an invitation to new growth. This is also the experience of prayer. The tired machinations of the ego are abandoned. It no longer needs to push or prove itself in the combat of competition." ~ John O'Donohue, Beauty

8. I can read loveliness even when I don't know the language it is written in.

Winning at Everything

6. fun and pretty

why is it that everything sounds better with a British kiwi accent?

4.  Just so you know-- not that I will ever post photographs of my bedroom on the internet-- but you know, probably will once I make a headboard inspired by this, although mine won't be so flipping heavy-- I have a stack of guitar faces (what are guitar faces?  did I just make that term up? quite possibly-- a guy who makes custom guitars had some that had defects and gave them to me-- they are these gorgeous thin sheets of wood) and am gonna create a mixed-media headboard from that.  Stand back everyone -- don't get too close to the crazy lady.  Of course, if it is a total disaster, I can always sell it on etsy and then find it mocked at regretsy (see #1 below).

3.  kay sekimachi

2.  soothing, yes?

1.    REGRETSY     How I have lived this long without knowing this site is a question I will simply ignore for the obvious shame it will heap upon my site-surfing soul. But oh my god-- read at your ab-aching peril-- like Go Fug Yourself for etsy. Hilarious.  (Great interview with April Winchell here).

Bisous, E

P.S.  um, is it just me?  or are there an abnormally high number of question marks in this post? your thoughts?


  1. mom used to read me that bedtime story! :)
    explains much.

  2. Hey ~ Happy Friday! Love the links you shared this week. And yay for finding a pet friendly beach. That should be a lot of fun. xo

  3. Ummmmm.... actually, she sounds like a kiwi, hon ;)

  4. oh Susannah-- see? I don't even know my different accents-- i just know it's posh . . but thanks for clue-ing me in! xoox

  5. Ah! J and I were JUST talking about making a headboard. We were so inspired by the Lily and Serena fabric boards that were way out of our price range and we were like, "we could just stencil wood to look like fabric, couldn't we?" and VOILA the universe heard us! And I am sending you an email about the guitars...

  6. Thanks for clueing me in to more thing to spend my time avoiding other things

  7. I love these top ten posts! You are so lovely. xo


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