Saturday, July 16

sweet saturday


May you have a wonderful weekend and get all the rest & downtime you need!

(If you need any tips on how to achieve the perfect nap-- just check in with Henry--
looks like he's got it dialed in).


Bisous, E


  1. Oh, how I wish I were snuggled in next to sweet, sweet Henry. Instead? I am hosting a birthday party at the beach with a million almost fourth graders. Only two hours, but still...

    Sweet dreams Henry!

  2. I think Henry deserves an award for the most photogenic dog.

  3. Megsie, at least you've got Franklin to snuggle with when you get home! :D Elizabeth...that dog NEEDS A BOOK ABOUT HIM.

  4. oh Lizardek-- this is true and I have it -- but just not the confidence and mojo to finish it-- blah-- but just spent the last 38 minutes watching old interviews with David Foster Wallace-- so who knows, the wheels may turn again . .. xoxooxox


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