Friday, July 29

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Wednesday night I got hit hard with a brick right between the eyes.

Metaphorically, of course-- but as my darling Amy pointed out, sometimes those are the hits that cause the deepest pain. For me, it has been a huge (collossal) lesson that I pray I won't have to ever take another test on in the future.

I got the message.

Mostly, the hurt was the domino effect this person's actions had on so many other lives. There were significant repurcussions in many directions and I just wonder sometimes if people have any idea how far reaching their behaviors and choices can be.

Knowing me, as you do-- my focus has been on examining how I allowed this to come into my life. I believe that it is our energy that manifests our physical reality and not vice versa. By changing our inner experience of energy, our outer experience will change as well.

For me, that means some strong, sustained attention to my first (root) chakra. Whenever I am caught in waves of anxiety, insecurity, fear-- you know, all those really fabulous gut twisting feelings--- I know that I am ungrounded and disconnected. Because, with my first chakra in balance, my survival happens easily and without worry. My life works and I am passionate about living it.

My constitution is such that I spend WAY too much time in my head (ref: drowsy fabulist; ref: previous post about excessive journaling) and not enough time connecting to my body and the earth energies-- and so, you can pretty much guess what I'll be doing in the days and weeks ahead-- loads of yoga, loads of walks.

And? Thea is coming for the weekend with her little boy! Nothing like a 6-year old boy to get grounded into playing in the dirt, yes?

As a result-- I don't have a top 10 for you this week, but here are a few finds for Friday.

"Now I find myself posing the same question - but not about a car trip. For some reason I can't help but wonder things like am I at the right place in life and do I have the right job and should I be doing more and so and so is doing x, should I be doing x too - essentially, am I there yet? I know these questions are normal to ask no matter where you are and what you are doing, no matter the ups and downs, the successes or failures, everyone is asking themselves the same things."


Born Like An Artist

Thea's coming in part so we can go to the Newport Folk Festival and see this band:

"Sometimes we get so confused we get taken for a ride we get worked over . ."

Bisous, E


  1. A weekend with Thea will do you wonders :) Much love to you xo

  2. sending you hugs and twinkling stars to shine bright and lift your spirit


  3. I always say little kids under 7 and dogs....the best way to get grounded and be in the present moment.


  4. I am sorry about the brick. That sucks. Sending you hugs and love and healing. xo

  5. spending time mostly in your head….huh….i know nothing of things like that :) sending you love…always. lets catch up soon...xoxo

  6. Sending you light and love. Also, David Wax Museum is AWESOME! I used to live in the town where Jordan Wax who is in the band grew up--used to hear him play all the time!!


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