Tuesday, August 16

color me surprised


Is it possible?

Have I actually modified a room without using twinkle lights?

Apparently so-- intervention averted!


As promised-- here are some photos of the painted wood headboard I created from rejected oak and mahogany veneers that were intended to be the gleaming fronts of custom guitars. Poor panels-- can you imagine? One day you are shaved thin from a tree trunk and your heart races with excitement at the thought of being polished and shaped to a gleaming beauty and then flashed in front of a screaming crowd while a talented musician pulls music from within you.

Instead? Raw and unsanded, you get heaved unceremoniously into the back of a u-haul then transferred to the back of a closet better suited to housing gnomes than long delicate sheets of wood.

And then? You become the substrate of choice for a woman's kindergarten project.

The ignominy.

In my defense, the inspiration came from three images that didn't look at all kindergarten. The first one I saw was here.

And then I found this one (I don't remember where I found it so if you can help me credit it, please advise!):

painted headboard inspiration

More recently I saw this one. Obviously, I went in quite a different direction than any of these three-- one major difference being that I was lucky enough to have these veneers that required no hardware (because jesus(!) did you see that one built out of ff'ing two-by-fours?!) to hang them.

Holy heck, if I wanted the surprise of an 80lb weight to come crashing down on my head in the middle of the night I'd have Henry sleeping in a hammock above me.

All I did (that's actually the royal "I" as my friend Amy (sorry no blog to link to) did all the hammer n' nailing) was nail the pieces to the wall with short nails.

Too easy.


As always, I am amazed at the colors that ended up being in it-- so very girly. It reminds me of the first big decoupage project I ever did and the teacher was not intending to be critical when she remarked on my efforts, "you're such a romantic." I had to sit back on my heels and notice the emphasis on roses in that particular piece-- me? Romantic?

Apparently so. I am okay with it, sort of, I guess. It's just that it's not at all what I expect. Sometimes my work does get dark, but more often than not we've got violet and pale colors-- and it sets me back on my heels. If I had more time to mess around with this-- or keep working on it while it is on the wall-- I would probably try and tone down the pastels and beef up some earth tones-- but I got no time for that now-- the fact that it's even up and done and out of the project closet is a bonus.

So, onward bound.


Bisous, E


  1. Heh... we seem to frequent a lot of the same blogs and websites.

  2. It looks AWESOME! And the choice of words, well...perfection. All is calm and all is bright in your new home. Love it! Now you've inspired me to try something similar as I was staring at the shelf of antique clocks above my head last night thinking, "how the hell long can this shelf hold? one of these nights..."

  3. Oh, my goodness! What a beautiful piece. Goodness it is.... You are such an inspiration!!! xo

  4. It's gorgeous! I'm going to do some work on my bedroom as a happy birthday to me present and you've provided some serious inspiration!

    Love, love, LOVE it!

  5. from one twinkle like addict to another...absolutely deLISH idea! scrumptious in every way. not certain if i can take my own lights down just...yet....but you have inspired me. :)

  6. it came out awesome!! I love that pic on the bottom, I used it in one of my mixed media collages while back.. it's an American Express ad, right?


  7. I LOVE it - so awesome. You totally rock and the colors are BEAUTIFUL. love it - you did it and like you said it's done and ON YOUR WALL already :)

  8. i really really like--it conjures a hymn we used to sing in high school but more importantly, what i felt when the sun came in through the stained glass windows when we were there---it wasn't about religion ( anglican.wore a pleated uniform); it was about a spirit; spirituality;something light and free that signalled me.

    Your head board message and colours are so who you are/what you need just right now!

  9. GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just like you.


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e