Tuesday, August 23

d r e a m


Never got to the beach yesterday, but we did go out for a long walk in late afternoon which was glorious.

Glorious not only for that western, setting sun that when you live on the top of a hill gives you just incredible light-- but because I brought my camera with me and even though I didn't shoot much and those shots I took I am not loving-- it was the process of walking, looking, soaking in the sun with no schedule that felt like heaven.


This morning alas-- not so much with the no schedule thing-- but?

The afternoon holds a promise to hightail it to the beach with a friend.. . fingers crossed.

And, speaking of friends-- the lovely Stefanie Renee sent me the most perfect dream of a ceramic hanging and I have tried and tried to capture it but it defies the camera-- just believe me-- it could not work more perfectly than hanging from this tree branch in this window-- so so lovely and sweet*.


Bisous, E

P.S. * true story: Terri and I had just finished placing the branches and I stepped back and said, 'hmm, it needs something to hang right there'-- and Terri said, 'oh, you'll find something' and at that EXACT moment (hand to god) the mailman walked up my porch steps and dropped a package at the door. A package with THIS amazing white ceramic hearts that say 'dream'.

oh yes, merrily merrily merrily down the stream we go . . ..


  1. Your decorating intrigues me. I love the look and the feel--a lot country. But you live in and love the city! I guess your world has both.

  2. Beautiful photos & lovely gift from sweet Stef. xo

  3. ya to magic and dreams :)

  4. I love serendipity. I just is so much divine intervention. I love it when I bump up against it. Those hearts are perfect, and what a great thing to look up and be reminded to dream...


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