Friday, August 12

encore dix


You can put a girl into the city, but damn if you can take the country out of her camera.


But I won't drag you through each and every angle on each and every flower we passed as we strolled through the neighborhood-- hell, that's what dogs are for.

Though I am one dog short as I type to you here. Daisy is currently at the groomers--- and for anyone reading along in the Provy metro area, I am SUPER impressed with this place: Zpup.

Seriously, girls there are so pretty and kind-- I wanted them to shower and groom me.
(I know, you think I'm kidding . .. but I am so not).

Before we dropped Daisy with her beauticians, before we hit the sidewalks for our stroll, this is what our scene looked like this morning.


I'm the one sitting there in the chair on the left that you can't see cause I'm out front taking the picture-- but imagine me in the chair-- that's the scene. These two are never more than two feet from my side and generally closer than that. The second most frequently asked question that I am asked about my dogs (#1 being: what kind of dog is that?" about Henry) is whether they follow me everywhere.

Answer: why yes, yes they do-- veritable little partridges have I.

Honestly, come hang out here with me for a day and you will see-- it doesn't matter how inconsequential the move--- if I am on the move, so are my partridges.

But enough of all that-- here's the top ten for this Friday.

in celebration of today's date, August 11, 2011 voila:

11 tips for being remarkable

9. an ode to English plurals

fortuny songbird, by Ann Wood

7. To your point, absolutely intuition can and must be used as a compass to steer our inner and outer life. But it is a relationship and as such must be fostered with utmost care. It is the deepening of this relationship that can help us when contradictory voices are at work. The inner truth is always screaming the loudest, we don’t need to tune in to it as much as work on not tuning it out. A regular grounding practice is the surest way I have found for learning to listen. - Abdi Assadi

6. I know, two in the top ten from the same source, but I can't help it-- this is where I have been this week and I LOVED this piece-- most especially at the very end where Elena is answering questions and says how more than "just a yogi" she is a painter, a knitter, a sewer, a crafter, a mother-- hell, next she's gonna be telling me she loves to eat rice krispie treats straight out of the pan!

5. I get really excited and happy when people I stalk have huge successes in their life that are a direct result of their genuine passion and dedication to creative pursuits and not because their intent first and foremost was to monetize or commercialize their talents.

4. Speaking of HUGE successes-- there is also LAINI (who I totally stalk, but it's okay cause she knows me) and is it possible Clementine is two? How do children do that time thing? I am always flipped out how fast they grow.

3. Am I gonna see it or not? I just hate Hollywood movies so much-- but I really want to see it anyway-- thoughts?

2. hey guess what? Mindy Lacefield is teaching at Serendipity Retreats and I am totally there, taking her class and two of Pixie's and oh baby, I cannot wait! How much do I love OBX, yoga, Michelle, gatherings . . oh man, so good.

1. Providence. oh, Providence. You are making me so very happy.


Have a lovely weekend--

Bisous, E

P.S. ** Updated to add #12 per Amy's comment pointing out that today is the 12th and not, um, the 11th--- color me perplexed. When in doubt? Take a nap . . well, that's my m.o. anyway


  1. I am starting to count weeks until I see you by the sea. xo

  2. 3 - See it. Une fois n'est pas coutume...

  3. ahem, it's the 12th today. you might want to offer one more tip. just sayin'

  4. and i totally know you are not kidding about being showered and groomed!

  5. Love your little partridges. I have three myself in the form of two felines and one canine. They follow me every where, even into the, uh-hum that room that has the shower and sink and, well you know. I now have to shut the door only to hear little kitty scratches or get Maddie's muzzle trying to open it. But I can totally imaging your scenario. You sitting in your chair while your two pups lounge near your. To me that is a blissful moment. Maddie has her beautician too. You know those goldens have to look just so. Daisy will no doubt hold her head a little higher when she through. I hope you post a picture of her.


  6. Every single one of those links: excellent! I'm gonna see that movie. Loved the book, and hope they did a good job adapting it for the screen!

  7. Ummmmm....did I know you would be in OBX at Serendipity?!? Cause I don't think I did and am starting the countdown early! xoxo

  8. just when i think i can't love you any more, you get awesomer.

    just sayin'

  9. There is such happiness behind your words, and that in turn makes me happy too! Love the quote and the links, although I haven't explored them all yet. Do I even need to say how cute those puppies are? I think not. Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  10. love Laini....I stalk her too! Her daughter is the cutest ever.
    I am so trying to work out going to Serendipity but not sure I can get off and some other fear based crap.

    big hugs to you and the pups.


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