Monday, August 15

a fox in bunny ears, now that would be something to see


Wouldn't you know? Just as Henry is getting his groove on in the dog park-- learning how to play and making friends-- they lock the gates.

Blah. I know. So sad.

The "park" belongs to Brown-- but somebody doesn't like dogs (or people who have dogs) and took it upon themselves to shut us down. It's really too bad because it's a lovely way for people in the neighborhood to get to know one another-- but whatever.

Let's just focus on Henry's happy face.

He loves puppies and little dogs the best.


Daisy does about two-thirds less socializing than Henry.

Her m.o. is to rush to the gate and greet new arrivals and then rush back to my ankles to make sure I have not moved an inch.

Then she'll settle in about a foot in front of me to survey her flock.


Today is pouring (POURING ENDLESSLY POURING) rain, so no walk for them except the most minimal outdoor time for basic needs.

Inside has been a day of painting and creating-- woot. This morning the living room got turned into a wild mess of a studio and I am hoping to have something to show you before the end of the week-- it's that headboard project I mentioned to you before--


Yes indeed-- you are seeing correctly. Pictured above is none other than Miss Tingle Champagne who came up for the weekend.

We spent an inordinate amount of time sitting and talking, but also managed to drive and talk-- as well as to walk and talk-- we are nothing if not talented in the let's talk! department.

Saturday night we also ventured down to check out a waterfire-- and?


Seriously, meh. I am glad to have seen one for myself-- but not sure what all the hoopla is about-- maybe once upon a time it was cool-- but what we saw was less about fire and more about cheesy food stands and glow wands. There was a procession of people carrying burning torches that could've been something to write home about, but they had to wend through an indifferent crowd that was trying to get to the cheesy food stands or wrap glow-in-the-dark bunny ears* on their head.

(*Full disclosure: I almost bought some glow-in-the-dark-bunny ears).

Still, it was a great walk down to the river and then back up to my apartment. We had to wind through the oldest section of the city and across RISD and Brown campuses-- so, you know, more time to talk, right?

Bisous, E


  1. Oh Henry-you are so handsome. Daisy-what a loyal little lady she is.
    Sorry that they closed the playground. That is a bummer :(
    I am sure you will find somewhere super great as an alternative. Fingers crossed

  2. oh my. we did talk a lot, didn't we? thank you. for providing a sanctuary. love, "not so buttondup anymore"

  3. You would have rocked glow-in-the-dark-bunny-ears. What on earth stopped you??

  4. I am sorry that your dog park is closed up. I know that you (and your babies) were making friends there. So sad. That little white dog who is greeting Henry looks so much like my Franklin. I had to go kiss his face just because of it.

  5. love that Tingle came to visit - you are having the all time best visitors...wish I lived that close :) beautiful beautiful photos xoxo


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