Wednesday, August 17

how to practice letting go

henry at the dog park3

1. Wake up early. Settle into your chair with a fresh cup of coffee and a good book for a whole 30 seconds.

2. Allow your dog to wheedle her way into your heart. She will drop socks at your feet. She may also place her chin on your knee and gaze up at you with pleading eyes.

3. You will look out the window and see that it is a glorious morning-- perhaps the most beautifully, sunny, sweet, fresh morning ever there was in the whole history of mornings and you will agree with her-- it should not be wasted on sitting with a book.

4. Bring your camera! This is a big adventure after all. Magic is in the air.

5. As you walk on this most spectacular, sumptuous, sultry morning-- be sure to stop and take photos of red roses next to cottage blue shutters. Photograph the amazing path you walk that is a genuine boulevard designed for walkers, joggers, and four-leggeds to enjoy.

6. The light through the trees will be amazing. Perfect time of day to be shooting photographs.

7. Notice for the first time the inscriptions on the benches-- photograph them as there are stories there and it will be fun to share at your blog, possibly.

8. Spend a solid 20 minutes trying to capture an incredible field of flowers you don't even know the name of bobbing in the breeze-- feel confident as you snap the lens cap back into place that there has to be at least one shot in there that you will like.

9. Get home and upload photos.

10. Um. try to upload photos.

11. Er, wrestle with scandisk and software only to find-- corrupted. All photos gone.

12. Gone. Unrecoverable.


14. Feel the burning energy up and down your arms-- a silent scream, as it were.

15. And then? Shrug. Breathe.

16. Figure out where to buy a new (ff'ing) memory card (again).

17. Hello? What is that cursing up there? Have we forgotten to breathe?

18. Fine. Am breathing. Through my nose. More like a snorting bull, but whatever.

19. Decide to share the phone photos someone sent you from the dog park of Henry.
19a. (Henry and his obsession with little dogs).

20. You are not satisfied with these photos. You want the ones you lost.

21. Fine. Breathe.


23. Are we done?

24. Yes. Dammnit.

25. Hmm.. I think not.


27. Fine. Heavy sigh. Ahhhh. Fine.

28. Alrighty then---

29. Just remember the morning. The morning will always be ever so lovely.

30. Yes. It was a lovely morning.

31. And tomorrow is another day.

32. Oh fuck you Scarlett-- shove a turnip in it.*

henry at the dog park1

Bisous, E

P.S. *am thinking a bit more breathing is needed.


  1. I find it so funny that Henry has a petite obsession.

    Breathe... There will be other mornings, other flowers. Who knows, maybe the pics were all bad and you would have felt crappy for not getting any good ones despite the perfect conditions...

    Doesn't help does it?

  2. I think we have similar breathing styles! :) Glad you got to experience the loveliness of this morning, anyway. I loved reading about it, and know the photos would have been beautiful, too - but can imagine the scene without them, because you've painted it so beautifully with words! So happy that you're enjoying your new neighborhood. ~SarahWT

  3. you might of had a glorious morning only to have it served to you on platter of crap but you made my morning :) does that count for something?!!

  4. Can I tell you how much I love that you cursed and weren't all Zen about the whole thing?!? Sometimes you just need to get pissed...and maybe instead of the breathing have a glass of wine instead!

  5. i love that Melissa is pushing wine at 9 AM! HA my kind of girl. but the breathing thing might work too. (doesn't usually for me, naps work for me, but try more breathing and see if it helps) And the morning did look (and sound) hilariously funny so kudos for making the world laugh!

  6. Oh, man. That sucks. But I agree you painted the pictures with words so beautifully that I hardly missed the actual photos. (I know, YOU missed them, but hey isn't this all about me?)

  7. Oh my goodness...i love you!

  8. Anonymous- I was going to say the same thing. So sorry about your pictures, Elizabeth! :(

  9. First you make me gasp, then laugh, then Megsie completely cracks me up. Swear some more then get that new memory card, dammit!

  10. sorry about the "anonymous" quote! Can't get things right from my phone...but I love you, nonetheless!


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