Friday, August 26

if it ends with a donkey safari-- you know we're all gonna be okay

detail from a piece I just finished

Today, Mercury goes direct and all I can say is THANK THE HOLY ROMAN GODS.

I know, I know-- you all think this is hooey and in my head and there's no such thing as planetary disturbance that can affect us mortals here on the ground and that it's time I stop calling the 1-800-PSYCHIC hotline.

But here's how I see it.

You know how on the bottom of the ocean there are plants and things that sway in the water? Little fishies and swimming shelled creatures all happily going about their day in their watery wonderland? And then, out of nowhere a motorboat blasts across overhead and in the turbulent wake the little fishies' dinner plates are scattered and the swimming shelled creatures are spun around like gyroscopes on speed dial and the kelp gets laid flat, only lifting its head once the wild storm has passed?

I think Mercury retrograde is like that. And I am the kelp. Or, maybe the swimming shelled creature.

All of which to say-- these past few weeks were plagued with miscommunications, criss-crosses in paperwork and faulty mechanics (chiefly my coffee pot and camera).

NOTE: I am not even talking about the impending hurricane-- nope, that's for another day.

So-- what will feature most strongly in my top ten this week? why LAUGHTER, obvs. No less than three clips of my favorite comedian, Maria Bamford, to kick off the list. Enjoy--




7. the fox explains love

6. grassdoe

in this house
via existential crisis

4. wool people

3. things that make us smile / Louisa Boyd

2. uguisu

Donkey Safari
via Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Bisous, E

P.S. THANK you all for the dog ear suggestions-- veddy much appreciated
-- Daisy says thanks, too!!


  1. Thanks for the serious laughs. Much needed.

  2. oh what fun! Thanks for all the great links :)

  3. really needed this after looking for c and d batteries at Campmor today in North NJ!! stay safe... :)


  4. I love that painting. Beautiful.

  5. love #5... stay safe this weekend...xo

  6. Love that sign.
    Hope you and yours are in a safe port throughout the storm. Bisous

  7. Oh, your painting. You are so talented.... I love it when you share.


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e