Thursday, August 18

next generation is doing it up right

all photos by FORREST K. ELLIOT

Back in the day when I was still teaching at the art institute and commuting an hour each way, I went in search of a dog walker to help get the pups out during the long days.

A high school student responded to my post at the local board and what I remember most about my introduction to Forrest was one of the two women I called as references. When I asked if she would trust him to walk my dogs, she took a breath and said, "Elizabeth? I have left my two children, three goats, dog, and chickens for Forrest to take care of while he housesat for me -- when I got home, not only were they all alive and well, he'd washed the kitchen floor."

Well, alrighty then.

Forrest began dog walking, then house sitting, Squam helping and all around keep Elizabeth alive-- and then, the brat-- he went off to college. But, you know, whatever-- kid wants a life, fine.

He emailed me last May and said he wanted to come and visit me in Providence and true to form-- had it all planned out around his work schedule-- and we put it on the calendar.
(Note, the question mark is mine since who makes plans three months ahead and keeps it to the day? Answer: um, rhetorical, yes?)


He came down yesterday and will be leaving tonight-- but we have managed to go for long walks, check out the farmer's market, see a movie, get me geared up with new running shoes (<--!! more on that, but yes, am running!), went for a run-- and today we are headed to the beach with a stop at the camera store to see if I can get help.

So, seeing as my camera of choice is out of commission-- I asked him if I could bum a couple photos from him (shutterbug that he is-- he's been snapping since he got here-- check out his website folio-- kid has an eye for sure) and he gave me his memory card.

What a hoot to see what he sees--- the shots he took around the apartment, etc. Too fun.  And do note, the breakfast scene after our run this morning (mine's the one Kris Carr would be proud of . .)


My dogs have done many things for my life-- bringing great people into my life is just one more reason I put up with picking dog hair out of my morning coffee.


You rock, Forrest-- I'm so glad to be a part of your life.


Bisous, E

P.S. I remember the first time I met him mom (hi Jen!) and asked her how she felt being the mother of a future president of the United States . . . she seemed okay with it.


  1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3 xoxo

  2. oh forrest! he is one of the all time best people in the world for sure. glad ya'll are enjoying each other's company...xo

  3. He certainly does have an eye! Amazing photos on his site!

  4. He DOES rock! What a great pair the two of you must be...


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