Wednesday, August 24

some days, not that I'm complaining . . .


Yesterday, I read Amanda's post and felt such a gust of YES rush out my lungs. And then I read Stephanie's post and again, felt the release of the pinched energy that is not a complaint-- not a whine, but just the exodus of energy that seems to have gotten all my wires twisted and sparking.

Is there something in the air?

I know some people felt a rumble of earthquake yesterday-- but I feel this is more planetary. Just those annoyances that can litter your path and make you feel like you are walking across sharp little rocks in bare feet-- ow ow ow.

Time to put my shoes back on, obvs- but before I do, I am going to indulge in a soulemama inspired list modulated with a yarnharlot's conscious lack of complaint.

1. Despite some repair this weekend (thanks Dave!)-- my camera is still not functioning and a trip to the camera doctor is still in order.

2. At the park this morning, the people were tight with their dogs on leads-- that kind of fearful, uptight dog owner that makes everything very unfun-- so me and my unleashed darlings turned and walked the other way. No play for us today.

3. It is a spectacular morning-- beyond spectacular-- I took loads of photos and want to share this vibration with you, but am thwarted and that causes me to spin and curse and feel, um, you know-- thwarted. (Really can't improve upon that word-- that word pretty sums up the frustrated feeling).

4. Can't seem to figure out what my body needs-- I keep thinking I am listening and doing what it asks-- and yet, it still is not humming and singing like I know it can. I haven't even eaten yet today because I am so tired of feeding it what I think it wants only to find out that's not what it wanted at all.

5. Do I sound insane? Talking about my body as if it were a picky two-year old?

6. Daisy has a chronic ear infection that I can't seem to heal. Have tried everything-- it upsets me greatly to not be able to help her-- any dog owners out there with suggestions?

7. You know what's funny? Sometimes when you begin writing out a list of all the things that seem to be wonky in your life, you realize there really aren't that many and, that they are completely manageable-- that what you carry around in your head is mostly hot air.

8. Whooosh. Ahh, there was the release I was looking for.

9. I love ice cream with a fierce passion. Am wondering if my body feels the same way. We seem to have some difference of opinion on this matter.

10. I believe it is time for me to hit the mat and do some yoga-- if ever there is a cure for headcase fever-- it is yoga, gardening, walking around aimlessly with a camera in your hand. Seeing as numbers 2 and 3 are not available to me at this time, yoga it is.

Thanks for listening.


Bisous, E


  1. I recommend white vinegar for your dogs ears. Worked for me when I had a wicked bad infection awhile ago.

  2. Rio had chronic ear infections. Baytril otic was the only thing that worked in the end and it worked like a charm. Poor poor Daisy.

  3. oh love. THANK YOU FOR THIS. there is. i truly believe there is something planetary going on. i went to a talk the other day by richard tarnas, the author of psyche and cosmos (i know. totally random but there i was last thursday night, listening to some dude ramble on about the collective consciousness) and according to him, there is some pretty intense astrological shift going on. maybe it's mumbo, maybe it's jumbo... but man o man do i feel a bit on the crazy side these days. let me know if you ever want to hop on skype and hash it out ;) until then. MAD LOVE to you. mwah. xoxo

  4. Your poor pup! It always saddens me too when my little furry friend is under the weather. Try a spoonful of plain yogurt a day in her food. I hear (no pun intended;) that it's good for the inner ear.

    Same here- my brain loves ice cream, but my stomach - well- not so much.

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  6. My sweet Ralphie used to have ear infections constantly. We had to be sure to keep the hair (fur?) out of the ear which I hated. I also went in and cleaned out the gunk, which he hated. And then we had an antibiotic from the vet that we just kept on hand all the time. I would use it when he had a flair up, and then when it got better stop. I don't even know if this is helpful.

    As for your funk. This was an awesome list. The venting always helps, and so does Yoga.


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