Friday, August 19

this Friday thing? am liking it--

photo credit:  Forrest Elliot

It's funny to see how much more interesting it is for all of us when I curse, get angry, express frustration or all around spray some irritation on these four walls.

(I'm referring to my post on Wednesday, fyi).

Apparently love and light is only a feel good thing for the girl in the bubble.  I think this is true for most stories, somehow.  Take romantic comedies--- there's never a 90 minute film about two people deeply in love-- bobbing along happily in their little bubble-- there can't be.  That puts the reader/viewer on the outside of the bubble-- only room for two in there.

The thing about pain and struggle-- it is inclusive, non?  We can all relate to frustration, irritation, annoyance and everything that spirals down and darker from there.  On some level, we all carry that energy with us all the time so whenever we find a match for it-- bam!  Some kind of release happens, yes?

No?  Your thoughts on that strange philosophy I just cooked up here this morning?

Thing is-- I want to share with you how glorious this morning is (even though I still haven't made a visit to the camera doctor), but now I'm thinking I should tell you how my quads ache from yesterday's run and that I have a big, ugly bruise on my leg from hitting it on something. 

Yeah, pretty lame level of pain-- I'm gonna have to try harder.

Thing is-- I have actively focused my intention (and attention) lo these past many years on developing an approach to the day that is steeped gratitude and appreciation for all that is and the result?  Not so much with the gnawing discontent.  In fact, there's the loveliest little book Amy sent to me last winter and damn*, if it isn't perfect.

The book has one of her gorgeous photos on the covers and inside each day has five lines-- you simply scribble down five things you are grateful for each morning--- and you know what happens-- I know you do-- keep up this practice and there isn't room enough in five lines for all that you are appreciating.  Some weird thing (a quantum physicist could probably explain it to you) happens that makes good things begin multiplying exponentially.

I was never one for science in school-- but if they had presented me with experiments like this, hell* if I wouldn't have applied myself more. 

But enough of my rambles-- I've got a morning of ff'ing* laundry to run and tasks to accomplish so let me bring us directly to our Friday top ten.

10.  For some reason (perhaps a quantum physicist can explain it to me) I have been obssessing a wee bit on David Foster Wallace of late.  God, you know how it kills me that brilliant, sweet, sensitive, creative humans have a tendency to be consumed with depression and then commit suicide.  Kills me.  I know that a big part of what squam is about for me is helping people re-connect to their creative side and hope that it helps them to transform this vicious disease.  (Okay, odd side note-- in the house where I live, I am on the first floor and on the second floor are two doctors-- one runs the emergency room-- I have to wonder if sometimes when she comes home after a long 12-hour shift, hands scrubbed for the millionth time getting the blood off her clothes after actually, literally SAVING LIVES-- she doesn't roll alongside my car with its bumper sticker shouting ART SAVES LIVES and think, 'um, no, actually artist girl-y-- I save lives . .'  but then again, maybe not, she seems to like me-- and we all know-- there are many ways to save a life)

Wow. Isn't that funny?  Just bringing DFW to mind and there I go off on a stream of consciousness ramble-- hell* all that's missing are some footnotes.

Watching this makes my heart ache.  Dude, in your next life, I hope you are a surfer.

February 21, 1962 – September 12, 2008

9.  A couple emails were received asking about how I did the lettering on the headboard--
easy peasey pie-- I followed much the same technique as is explained HERE.
(You'll want to experiment a bit-- you get different effects if you do the background dark, and then the stencilling light and vice versa).

8.  Maybe this is the week of videos cause I have two more for you.
This one is great-- via Keri Smith.

7.  Second one my mom sent to me (thanks, mom!).  She and I have this thing we do (for years and years) sending each other funny animal stories we find.  I've got files full and should probably do a compendium or something-- you know, right after I get all my other zillion projects done.

Anyway, enjoy-- it's a dog playing with a dolphin!

6.  Six photos from our day at the beach yesterday:

photo credit:  Forrest Elliot

photo credit:  Forrest Elliot

photo credit:  Forrest Elliot

photo credit:  Forrest Elliot

photo credit:  Forrest Elliot

photo credit:  Forrest Elliot

and one more just for the hell* of it--
photo credit:  Forrest Elliot

Bisous, E

P.S. *see how I wove in some extra cursing for y'all?  Am a damn loving bitch with a big ff'ing heart and don't you ff'ing forget it.


  1. I am right there with you on the cussing.. that's why for me it's not just TGIF, it's TGIFF... ;-)
    See you soon

  2. Damn Straight! Loved this post. Sending you hugs too!

  3. Damn* Forrest's photos are beautiful! The dog and the dolphine, well if those two ff'ing species can get along why can't the rest of humanity. Just what came to mind when I saw it.

    Thought I'd join in on the cursing, just for today though. Hee hee.

    Have a damn beachy ff'ing weekend. (OK too much cursing).

    bridgemor :)

  4. I ff'ing LOVE that shot of your hands with the crab claws.

  5. Shit Woman you crack me up! Forrest's photos...AMAZING!

  6. Thanks for the pictures, i was so sad when you left nh thinking there goes my connection to one of my " places" in life only to realize my other love is the coast. This week has been a week for swearing. So i have already meet my quota! Love all you write grounds me, art saves lives, now i need to figure out how to survive rehab of a crappy ff elbow that keeps me from creating. Pain sucks, not have an outlet sucks... Maybe it is time to take up medation. Btw. Where is forrest going to College could sure use a house sitter for our three dogs!

  7. I have one of those books from Amy, and damn if the same thing doesn't happen for me, too. Magic, I tell ya.


  8. Well, I for one do not agree with the cursing and I am sure will receive many disagreements. Curse words are shorthand for the viable words than can more accurately describe. So when I am reading and see a curse word I just insert my own word--am I using the correct tone the writer meant to set or the right meaning the writer is trying to convey? It's left up to me because bywords were used.


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e