Friday, August 5

a top ten would include littleneck clams, road-tripping, leisurely breakfasts, hanging out, noshing on artisanal cheeses, spinning dreams like wafts of cotton candy and yeah, like that


Annnnnnnnnnd, it's Friday?

Honestly. Is it just me? Or do you also feel that these weeks are flying by?



Michelle arrived Tuesday night, her lungs healed her sweet smile intact.

how to kink your neck in a home office setting

She is a New England girl and digging on this red brick town with its old victorians in a riot of colors and the wide streets with fat sidewalks for endless strolling. Yesterday we rolled down to Sakonnet Point in Little Compton which was a beautiful drive.

How beautiful? Well, oddly enough, it is featured this month in Travel & Leisure (I know, right? This little corner of the world highlighted amidst exotic locales-- go figure).

I'm thinking we're keeping a pretty easy pace, but maybe I'm exhausting the poor girl?


If you want to see some lovely shots Thea posted of her time here last weekend-- check them out here.

Bisous, E

P.S. FYI-- the sleeping princess? She woke up grumpy. Apparently, she doesn't like taking naps in the middle of the afternoon-- so then why is she hooking up with a drowsy fabulist, I ask you.

P.P.S. We went out for ice cream. And all the little lambs danced once again throughout the kingdom.


  1. Just popping in to say: Hello Love!

  2. Little lambs eat ivy! :D

    Hey! Can you recommend any good spots just over the border of Maine from Massachusetts/Vermont? Mom & I are considering options for the first weekend in September.

  3. Hi Elizabeth! Your gorgeous posts have inspired me to set my next short story in New England. Thank you for always posting such beauty!

  4. oh my. that photo of M sleeping on the couch just makes me laugh. so sweet. i love that she woke up cranky. good thing she was in such a lovely spot with such a good friend who instantly knew how to cheer her up.

  5. Ice cream always works magic, at least for me. I LOVE the sleeping beauty photo, that painting above just makes it perfect. Sounds like you two are enjoying your party!


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