Monday, August 22

turn turn turn


So Mercury retrograde has one more week to wreak it's twisted sense of fun on my head. Though I try to find the good in a mercury retrograde, we can go on record that it will never be my favorite part of the planetary dance for sure.

It doesn't help that we are nearing the end of a season that is rife with haunting, wistful, unnameable emotions. The end of summer is a kind of death, I feel.

Weird thing is I used to hate summer and be positively rapturous about the pleasures of autumn--- hmm, perhaps that was when I was so much more intrigued by death than life, I am thinking . . . I mean, seriously-- who but an overly dramatic adolescent would name November as their favorite season, right? (All I can say in my defense is that I never went Goth).

Now? I hang onto summer like a desperate child, clinging, screaming as it tries to walk out the door . . nooooooo, don't leave me.

God, I love summer.

I am also in the midst of wending my way through the inevitable tasks required of any move that I have been avoiding because oh my god how I hate the granularity of such things as: dog licensing, car registration, new insurance policies, driver's license, find a vet, find a groomer, find a dentist, blah blah blah-- but it must be done and why not do it when everything already feels grinding, right?

Yesterday we were at the beach and it felt so good.

So, if I get everything done that I have laid out for myself here to get done today-- we are headed to the beach this afternoon--- it's the only way I can get through to the other side of this boring pile of paperwork.

Yes, I am a donkey-- have carrot, will travel.


Bisous, E


  1. And all I come in here thinking is ... 'thank god, she posted'. There I am, vicariously living your life :-) yearning for a life I don't quite have here in Belgium. And YES, I can't bear the thought of losing this summer thing. Autumn and Spring ... okay, but winter in Belgium ... sigh.

  2. Winter in Sweden is even worse, makes me MISS Belgium!

    Love that photo of the dogs up top. Daisy looks like she's lifeguarding Henry out of the water :)

  3. As a kid I used to love winter. But winters here in Minnesota, especially January through March, is like living in the bell jar. So I too hang on to summer and fall with all my might. And actually Fall is my favorite season, always has been.


  4. my boss used to tell us every morning to "Bite The Frog," meaning we should bite off the task we most disliked, the the rest of the day would seem easier. i liked frogs better than a bellowing boss :)
    but if there were no fall, how would we know it was time for Squam?

  5. There is a definite chill in the air this morning. Cold, like you need a sweatshirt and (dare I say it) socks. I love fall, and the chill always feels so good after the heat and humidity, but SOCKS? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO......

  6. Gorgeous dogs. Have they gotten their shots yet? I got mine at the bothell pet hospital. It keeps my baby healthy and happy so she can play with me all summer long!


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