Tuesday, August 30

um-hmm, I must concur with your reply


Yesterday, we went to the beach.

That pretty much says it all--

Of course, I know a beach day can be a varied thing. Sometimes it's windy, or cloudy-- maybe thick seaweed has settled at the shore or green flies are zipping about and stinging your calves-- but yesterday was none of those things.

It was exquisite.

Post-Irene: the water was clear and warm. There wasn't any seaweed but hells bells there was everything and the kitchen sink strewn along the shore-- tons of shells, some I had never seen before-- three different sizes of starfish (I wanted to bring some home but they feel so alive to me even when they are dead I didn't have the heart), crabs of all sorts-- the big hulking hermit crabs, small pink and yellow ones, but most especially those bright blue ones I love, then there was the flotsam of dead sneakers, a broken pink flip flop, more than one tennis ball, drift wood, somebody's long lost baseball cap, bottles, lighters, soda cans and whatnot.

A veritable burp from the ocean's depths.

I like to think the sea felt better getting some of that guff out of her belly.

There were a couple of other dogs which made for some fun-- but mostly we walked up and down the shore with a sky as blue as that crab claw and sunshine blasting.

I should mention there was also a light breeze.

Today we went in a completely different direction and found a marvelous place to walk through fields upon fields (I have no idea who cuts these fields but bless them, I say) which led to a sweet freshwater pond sheltered by trees.


The dogs were in their element-- New Hampshire kids are they-- and I will definitely be heading back there again since it's only 15 minutes drive from here.

Other great things of note:

Community acupuncture! Seriously, when I am rich and have money to direct streams of cash to things I love and feel make the world a better place-- this is high on the list.

Getting a manicure and pedicure which happens to be next to a Thai take-out place.

Hanging out in my living room enjoying Thai food, beer, and farmstead watermelon with Christine.

Morning coffee and inspiring conversation with Asya sitting outside in the sun at the best bakery in town.

There have also been snags, frustrations and irritations. But seriously, if I reflect on all the above-- don't you think I'd be a wee bit, oh I don't know insane to focus on any of that?

Bisous, E


  1. Did you find sea glass? I started collecting it last year and now have a big vase filled with it.
    Yes.. let it go Liz because there is just so much more good to focus on. Post retreats & travels, let's do a weekend of manis, pedis, needle therapy, & lounging?! I so need it. xo

  2. You were there? You walked on that path? Oh, but to experience such exquisite beauty. I feel my chest open up just looking at the photograph you posted. Not insane, Elizabeth...your beach trip is a perfect metaphor, along with the treasures there will always be the flotsam and perhaps we appreciate the gems more when we've experienced a bit of the trash. Sounds like you've burped up a good one.
    xo kd

  3. Your walks sound wonderful. I would love to explore on the beach after the "burp"-- and what a great metaphor for the hurricane! I am glad you are safe, I was thinking of you guys over there the whole time.

  4. Oh my goodness, how beautiful that photo is. This weekend I learned that the official longest state name is "Rhode Island and Providence Plantations". Did you know that?


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e