Tuesday, September 27

don't be tempted by the shiny apple


This morning there was a mist covering the fields at the farm. By noon, it had burned off and the day returned to its sunny, summer pleasure (note: let's not tell Providence it's closing in on October, yes? are we all in on that? awesome--thanks.)

I haven't shared with you all the camera updates-- that would require me having to tell you about the evil troll whose skankfest of a camera repair shop I unwittingly left my beloved Lumix in. And, we all know how I don't like speaking ill of someone since in this particular case, they obviously they have a hell of a soul growth journey in front of them f*cking evil troll (oh, oops- how did that slip out?)-- so let's just say I have since found a more helpful, more knowledgeable, less f*cking troll-like resource and received some advice about the cause of my camera woes (dead computer) and I have some decisions to make about whether I replace the camera or the computer.

Oddly, I am not emotionally up to the task of making that decision.

Who knew cameras are such emotional relationships?

Not me, for sure-- but there you have it.

So, I am trying to build some communication between me and the Rebel-- but it's tough going-- he's pretty limited in scope-- but I do love his long-lasting battery.

Whoa-- let's stop there, shall we? Ahem.

How about I just post pics from this morning? Alrighty then.


Bisous, E


  1. I'm of no help with the decision you have to make Miss E, but I will say that the you are rocking that reb with fabulous results.
    Also... you scored major points for using my favorite rip. I have 3 favorite potty mouth terms. Skank would be #1 on the list.
    How are you, love? Hope all is well. xo

  2. JESUS. That is you building up communication??? I'd say you're speaking his language pretty fucking well. Must be the long lasting battery. Ahem. Mushrooms, fog, spiderwebs, HENRY! HENRY! HENRY! SHIT! If you've got camera/computer problems give me some of that!

  3. The toadstools are amazing. Clearly the communication is working out quite well.

  4. mmmm....these photos make me want to move to Provy. The mushroom ones remind me of something out of the fairy stories I have to invent on the fly every night, and that pond is dreamy and mystical. I'm sorry about the computer/camera issues but the communication being built is amazing.


  5. wow, these are so beautiful ..dreamy and I so want to click my heels and be there..walking the fields with you.

  6. I think you have the camera thing solved....photos are wonderful. Buy a computer.

  7. Oh, my those photos. Those toadstools, did you see Jeanine's photo of the toadstool from Scotland? You guys should do a toadstool collaboration project. I love them. They remind me so much of Alice in Wonderland. I don't know if they should or not, they just do. Henry. He is such a sweet, sweet soul. xoxo

  8. The shots are gorgeous. And I understand the camera relationship. I have a very small Casio Exlim (fits in my back pocket easily) that takes such amazing quality photos that people ask me often what kind of camera I use. And, even though I have issues with it in low light (grrrr) I am loathe to give it up and even sent it off last year for an $80 repair just to keep it instead of getting one with better low light performance.


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e