Friday, September 30

lame? meet sitting duck--

via tomes

Things of note:
today is SUNNY,
it is FRIDAY,
I can't seem to get enough SLEEP.

Things of no importance:
I am behind on everything,
I keep taking on too much,
Some moments of happiness this week were so intense they threatened to knock me over.

But, seeing as it is Friday and I am headed to Boston and must do a zillion things before I get on the road-- here is the top ten such as it is-- maybe it will be four? eight? Who knows.

1. Why am I going to Boston? Well, I'm going to catch up with Noelle, and then see my sisters and my niece-- but THEN, at 7pm-- I see LAINI who is signing her book in Wellesley. Given just how many times Laini and I have planned to hook up and then our plans were foiled over the past 7 years-- I am gonna believe it when I see it-- but that is the plan anyway.

2. This is Laini's daughter Clementine singing to her -- omg, the cuteness.

via Erica Taylor

4. whoa, not even four. sigh I guess if you wanted to see where my heart and head were this past week you would need to go HERE and scroll through the amazing write-ups about this last session.

That's where I've been-- still wrapping up-- deep in plans for 2012. Can't seem to make a dent in this laundry pile-- two dogs here waiting patiently (okay, I lie, totally impatiently) for their walk.

Gotta fly-- let's hope I will be more grounded on the other side of this weekend-- OH-- a FOURTH!

Tomorrow-- Christine and I head the the NEW BEDFORD OPEN STUDIOS (thanks to a prompt from Patricia!)

Bisous, E


  1. gosh how I love the sentiments of number 3.
    and well, the promise of number 1.

    thanks for keeping me engaged and inspired :)

  2. oops--I know you have promise in Boston :) but the promise of that wonderful snap via nomes. If I was still teaching English. . . .

  3. if you enjoy nbos, then you might like an aha sometime too...

    enjoy tomorrow and hope you two get to chow on some greasy, sugary malasadas!

  4. SO JEALOUS that you get to see Laini live. She is not coming to Minneapolis, and I am bummed out. I can't wait to read her new book!! Have a great time!

  5. Have a wonderful time love...

  6. Have a great time, say hi to Wellesley for me....


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