Wednesday, September 21

letters I would like to write

is she not dancing?

Dear Sweeneybird,

     Thank you so much for the emergency visit to try and help me finish my hat. Alas, no-- the hat in the photos here is not our beloved knitted wonder that I have been working on since June squam (with your help, Megan's help and the cast of thousands I have enlisted to try and get me through this project).

     Despite all the kings horses and all the kings men -- I blew my top at about midnight the Saturday before squam and gave up. Gave up, stuffed it into the knitting bag (because, hellooo-- it obviously doesn't want to manifest its fullest self and is quite committed to a state of incompletion). That whole reducing stitches and getting tighter and tighter, until I felt my hands enter the pretzel state with circular needle cords bulging from my ears-- my god-- how do people knit hats?

     You know, the part on top?  Where it sits on your head?


Dear Jonatha,

     You are a beautiful knitter.

     You are an excellent friend.

     Thank you for telling me, "hats are hard."

(Probably a lie since that sweater you knit for Jen? Holy cow, woman- flipping awesome. It looked a whole lot harder than a hat. But, sometimes?  Lies are so sweet.  Especially with cold beer).


Dear Jen*,

Thank you so much for saying you would be willing to finish the hat for me.

Guess what's in your mailbox?

Bisous, E

(*Forrest's mom)


  1. Hats ARE hard, at first. Lots of needles that slip right out. I have a pretty easy pattern...if you ever get the itch. You know what is harder? Booties for babies. HARD. Gave that one up almost as soon as I started. xo

  2. lovely photos! and I just found your blog and read the post below... very honest and inspiring!

  3. There needs to be a "Like" button on these blogs as there is on facebook. I would "like" today's post. Very sweet.


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