Monday, September 12

life rules

photo by Michelle Madden Smith

As someone who has been blogging lo, these long seven years, I feel there are certain boundaries one should never cross when sharing glimpses of the quotidian life. Perhaps these are all obvious to you, but in the event someone is out there lost amid the many options of what to share and when, I think it's important I state the following for the record.

1. One should never post a photo of themselves in their nighty.

2. One should never post a photo that shows an expanse of bare thigh.

3. One should never post a photo that reveals laundry drying on the rack in the living room.

If these basic rules are followed-- surely a happy and sound life is assured.

Me? I am writing to you from the back deck of Tingle's lovely home (although she is in her nighty and exposing quite a stretch of bare thigh and her laundry is drip-drying as we speak-- I shall post no photos as I am a responsible guest). Michelle and I had a smooth journey yesterday afternoon-- a quick zipzip on I-95 to Merritt Parkway and a hop over ze tappan ze.

How much do I LOVE the Tappan Ze? I love to say it-- love the expanse of the Hudson-- it never fails to evoke in me a wonder at what the Dutch experienced as they sailed in back in the 1400s . . .

The song I had to have on repeat was this one:

This morning we head into Manhattan for a couple of meetings and then . . tonight?

Do you remember when I got this harebrained idea?

Yes-- me + Michelle + Sean Hayes.

I know it is crazy and no doubt, as I am driving the six hours to squam on Tuesday morning with my head in a vice I will surely be cursing myself for adding something in to an already over full lifeweek--- but hell,



Fill it to the brim, no? Dive in-- full out-- say YES (n'est-ce pas?)!

Bisous, E


  1. :) you are so close, yet so far from me. Enjoy yourself in NYC! xo

  2. This so made me smile this morning. Can't wait to see you!


  3. Say YES! Because of YOU I did. And even though I am BURIED in work, and trying to figure out how to lessen said work, I love it. THANK YOU.

    (Oh, and have a GRAND time, okay? xo)

  4. Um, that is me up there. Didn't really type my whole name I guess....

  5. Grazie mille for not posting the nighty photo.... I, for one, am so glad you decided to live life to the VERY fullest this week and made my home a resting spot. Hope all went well today and that you swoon to the tunes of Sean Hayes all night tonight. It will be well worth that head-in-a-vice feeling tomorrow and the lake will be waiting to refresh you... see you there....xo


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e