Monday, September 26

monday mash


I ran into a friend just a bit ago. Daisy and I were out snapping shots of the late afternoon sun. My friend was so tired. And discouraged. Despite how hard she is working, despite all of her best efforts-- things can go really wrong (business wise) so that through no fault of her own (except taking calculated risks on people who totally did not come through as promised) she is in a pinchy, awful, stressy yuck situation.

It makes my heart hurt.

I can relate. I feel where she is and I so want to take her out and get her drunk.

Cause, you know, that would TOTALLY make everything better . . . until she wakes up hungover, in even more pain, wearing someone else's clothes and no memory of where she left her car (or wait, maybe that's just me).

Oh the many ways to try and anesthetize the pain of being alive.

How much does it suck to try and strive, only to find yourself face down on the sidewalk, running your tongue back and forth across your newly chipped tooth.


There's nothing I can do, but I feel her pain.


In other news, it was a beautiful day.

A beautiful sweet, warm and lovely day.

Dogs and I went up to the farm where there are miles of trails and a fresh water pond.

Daisy and I could've gone for another couple miles, but after a relatively short jaunt, Henry beelined for the car. Something is just off with him, of late. Not sure if it's all the drugs he has been on for anaplasmosis, if he is aging-- or if he is morphing into a mule, but it is not fun.

Fun would be to have a beach chair on the roof of your porch-- do you see it there?
Love it--


So, Daisy and I went for a little extra walk. And then, we turned around and headed home again.


Bisous, E

P.S. This one below is for Treenie---- who loves me for many reasons not least because I was on my knees holding her sheet music at the coffeehouse while she rocked the sh-t out of her violin (in between kicking me to turn the pages).

photo by Noel Danforth


  1. I leave for Italy in a few weeks but until then, it's like 'OH EXCELLENT, Elizabeth has posted!!!' I love the vicarious life I live via your dog-walking, flowering and light-photography posts. It's like a little bit of sunshine, always :-)

  2. Pffft, I meant 'flower' not flowering. It's just-after-breakfast time here in Belgium. Not my greatest moment in the day.

  3. Oh, E. You are LOVELY. In all kinds of ways. *smooch*

  4. Oh my goodness. Just when I thought the beauty and brilliance of Catrina's playing would break my heart, she goes and kicks you. That is the moment I knew I was blessed. And my heart did indeed break, but it was a breaking of the best kind.

  5. Sometimes it is all we can do to just witness and feel the pain of another and then, next breath, see the sunlight dance across the flower petals, walk the dogs, and stay open for each moment as it arises. And then falls away.

    sorry to go all zen on you ...

    just had to say - I needed to see the fuzzy white mama-love vest. Um, yeahhhhh ... And to remember a private recital in Brown Betty by the above fabulous woman. Oh, such good vibrations - thank you!
    xo Lis

  6. oh MAN! the two of you on stage...her all bundled up SO much i was amazed she could still finesse the strings and you...YOU busting up on your knees sh-sh-shaking the crap out of the music sheets. i might have wet my pants from laughing had i not been so afraid of how fast it would turn to ice (not comfy). thanks to you both for a lovely bit of evening and laughter so good and true.


    ps: it was such a joyous pleasure to meet and hug you in the woods. lovely lovely.

  7. Yes, yes. Give Henry hugs from me as well. Poor guy. I hope he is okay. The pain of a friend in pain is so hard. I just know that your wide shoulder and gentle embrace will comfort her. I am sorry that she is going through a hard time. That picture of you at the end there? Pure Beauty. xo


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e