Friday, September 2

oh, September-- back so soon?

cauliflower soup via indigo 26

I am looking forward to a weekend of getting my life in order. That's what we do at the end of summer, yes? Sweep the sand out of the front hall, get through that stack of mail and guff on your desk, organize the spice drawer-- you do this, right?

Me? I want to do a deep orgo on my office and closet. Squam is just around the corner and Michelle will be here on Sunday (squee!) and much needs to get done before those two things-- so wish me luck. On the plus side, I do have a brand new library card and a brand new gym card hanging from my key chain-- so we'll see how much time I actually spend doing any of those things I need to do . .. versus reading books and indulging in a rousing session of Boot Camp, not at the same time*, obvs.

Dashing off a Friday top ten seems like a good kick-off to the holiday fiesta--

So here we go.

1. I will be making this soup (pictured above).

littlegirl yellow sandals
photo by Aran

Oh my god, when I die and go to heaven-- can I have yellow sandals and live here, please?

3. I probably won't be making one of these, but I totally should. How yum.


Nagging Doubt Viognier from Dana Tanamachi on Vimeo.

via Rag & Bone

5. My camera is in a camera repair shop. Please send prayers.

6. Yesssssssssssssssss!

7. Cybele Young

8. One happy way to be ready for autumn-- Sandra Juto's wrist worms are 20% off!
(I have two pairs and love them to bits.)

tree house
tree house by Anna Emilia

10. see no evil

Hope your holiday weekend full of what you want most!

Bisous, E

*to the woman next to me on the elliptical last night reading a book as she worked out: please, just don't--- it hurts me to see you try.


  1. Ah yes the list, i actually took yesterday off to "do" that list and only got half way through it, so today the list continues. I used to be one of those on the ellipitical reading, now the gym seems too " busy" and puts me in a different place. So i walk one of the dogs at 5:30 am rain or shine., enjoying the calm of the outside. Trying to find balance in my life and being so uncucessful, injuries have side lined my happy places, yes had to put the knitting needles down, no weaving and no spinningb - only in my mind......i sometimes wonder what i did in my past life to bring where i am today..

  2. See, READING might just get me on an elliptical...but knowing me, I would FALL OFF.

  3. hahaha! Megsie; too funny! I would read on my treadmill if someone would build me a book rack. Who cares if it totally makes me motion sick??

  4. I made the soup this weekend as well. I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for the link.


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