Monday, October 3

back to the farm


The jury is in, the verdict delivered:

1. I will never be an urban photographer.

2. Also? I am moody, easily frustrated and often overwhelmed--
just a few of the things I like least about myself.


On the plus side--- I have a new camera.

Yes, thanks to the thorough research activities of Dave-- I have the upgraded model of my beloved Panasonic Lumix whose internal computer done died. The reason I didn't simply replace the computer was it is expensive and the improvements to the model in the six years since I bought it are rather impressive-- most importantly, this new one is smaller and lighter.

So-- we are tentatively getting to know one another.

You'd think that'd be a simple thing, but please reference #2 up there about how easily I frustrate-- technology is most magical in so many ways and I am nobody's luddite-- but oh dear lord do I have severe learning disabilities when it comes to operating equipment-- not sure why this is, but man-- I have issues.

Recently, there have been a few mentions of photography as a form of meditation both Susannah and Amy G have referred to it that way-- and although I am a dilettante at best-- there is no question that taking pictures is definitely something that soothes my soul. These past six weeks or so without my main squeeze have taught me that.


Other happy news is that I am settling in more and more deeply to this sweet little town. I really love it here. I love that I know how to get around. I love that I can walk to coffee shops, post office, stores, etc-- but also throw the dogs in the back and drive out to the beach or the farm in a matter of minutes.

The other thing about this town that I am really beginning to appreciate on a whole nother level is the kindness of the people. I spent some time elsewhere recently and was struck by how much I take for granted the warmth and openness I find here in Providence.


Hmm, am thinking that if I tagged these blog posts for reference-- this one would surely be labeled "mush" also cross filed under "who cares" and "eyes bleeding with boredom."

Bisous, E


  1. I was delighted, as always, to find this ... after long day in the stinky and polluted city, your blog post caused me to sigh with relief.

    Particularly love the 5th photograph in the post. Good luck with the new camera. I have had the good luck to twice marry men who have endless patience with my 'learning disabilities' when it comes to camera and computer technology.

    Lovely to read that you've found your place in the world.

  2. May I be so bold as to disagree with you? I love your pictures of Providence (and New York...)! I think you already ARE an urban photographer...but, I do understand that your inspiration is in nature. And you wow me every time I get so see through your lens. Your new camera seems to be a nice acquaintance so far. I am sure a love affair is right around the corner. I am so happy that you are happy. And if I were to categorize this post? I think I would say, "living beautifully and authentically."

    By the way, how is Henry doing? I have been worrying since you mentioned that he was "off."

  3. oh Megsie, you are a love-- he seems okay-- I think he is aging . .just not sure .. but you are so sweet to think of him-- xoxo, E

  4. I love those first and last photos a whole lot ... they move me, and I'm not even sure why. I think it has something to do with the texture of what's in the foreground and the blurriness of the background. In any case, GORGEOUS. :)


  5. Agree with megsie, your photos of the urban setting are stunning! I was worried when you left nh i would miss my connection with new england but your " urban" pics capture a diffent side of what i miss as well.

    your weren't talking about my hometown as not be friendly, were you? I totally understand if you were, that is why i left!

    So sorry to hear about the aging pup, we just put our 15 1/2 year old baby down last week, it was so hard, but she is no longer in pain. She is running again with her brother.

  6. you are so hard on yourself - we love you and your words and your photos! and I too am moody, easily frustrated and often summed it up perfectly for me :) ahhh, what I would give to not be so overwhelmed all the time and damn this moodiness and passing it on to one of my girls...mmmm...

  7. Your pictures of the beauty of Providence are amazing. I sink in to them and marvel at how lovely it all is. To know that you have small town kindness up there as well is making me consider a possible move there someday. :) Have a lovely day!!

  8. moody, easily frustrated, SO often overwhelmed. Say AYE!! I hear a beach down south is calling our name...


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e