Saturday, October 15

the brightest ones of all early in october fall*


Today was glorious-- full of bright sunlight, not too cold but a breeze that meant business. At the RISD sale some booths needed extra help to keep from blowing away-- but no one was complaining since rain had been expected.

So where are my photographs filled with sunshine?

Yeah-- had too much fun walking and wandering and taking in the whole event-- people dress so cool here-- funky. I remember when I was in Montreal with Jeanine last May thinking yet again how that city blends all the best of Paris style and food with the sweet open friendliness of the midwest. (NOTE: many things to love about Paris but parisians are not sweet, open or friendly-- at least in my experience. This doesn't make me love them any less-- it's just a kick to see this mash-up in Montreal).

So I was thinking of this as I strolled Benefit Street today-- the brick pavers from I don't know 200+ years ago?-- fabulous art and craft for sale and the people filling the streets warm, friendly, open and dressed with such originality and flair, a food cart with belgian fries offering a choice of specialty ketchup, poppy seed mayo and like five other artisanal condiments-- all I could think was hipness of NYC mixed with low-key city vibe of Portland, OR.

Worlds apart from Boston or Cambridge-- that's for sure.

I had my camera with me the whole time, but never popped the lens. And then-- tonight-- after it had gotten dark-- I got the idea to just wander and see what you can snap at night.

Yeah-- not so much. I'm sure if you know what you are doing and have the right equipment etc-- but I am gonna stick to mornings and late afternoons for sure-- but seeing as it is a Saturday night in October-- I'll share my spooky shots anyway.


Bisous, E

*While the dark ones go to bed
With good whiskey in their head
~ Gillian Welch, "the way that it goes"


  1. whiskey, wine. either way the dark ones are going to bed with something in their heads. sweet dreams, e. until tuesday... xo

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day, and looks like a spooky night...xo

  3. Um...i think you nailed your night shots. Especially the last one of the street curb. Keep clicking away. I love seeing how you see our world.

  4. great night time pix!! :) all of them are fabulous - but the second and sixth from the top are my favs... very scary....I could feel the wind blow....brrrr...


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