Thursday, October 13

for my mom


Writing to you from New Hampshire where the sky is gray, the leaves full of color.


Long ass two hours in steady rain this morning to get from Providence to Boston (normally a 45 minute zip) in bumper to bumper blah of a four-lane parking lot.

Lots of time to think about this very same scene happening concurrently in places all over the world-- Chicago, Ohio, Paris, L.A., you name it-- what the heck.

Do people really do this e.v.e.r.y. day?

Man. Do I have some blessings to count.


All worth it-- lovely walk with the dogs in our old stomping ground followed by beer and dinner at the pub.


Low on words, high on the woods.


And flowers. Always flowers.

Bisous, E


  1. Beautiful colors and of course beautiful photographs. Enjoy the beach.

  2. Oh, your photographs are just beautiful. Fall is my favorite season, but I've never lived anywhere that has the real fall foliage and colors in all their glory. I thoroughly enjoyed living vicariously through you in this post. :)

  3. Those photos are stunning! That last flower...I have never seen one, so wonderful! And to see Oliver, a special treat. I am sure he was over the moon to see the three of you! Soliden is a little piece of paradise isn't it?

  4. Gorgeous - thank you so much for sharing!

    have fun at the beach :)

  5. I love to see the 3 of them back together. I know it must be hard on you knowing they miss each other...I'm glad you get to have them hang out so often!!

  6. LOVE the pics. Autumn is such a gorgeous time of year!

  7. "Do people really do this e.v.e.r.y. day?"

    Yes, actually most people do. And indeed you do have some blessings to count. I love your blog. Your photos are amazing, and I can't tell you how many days I've taken inspiration from it. But I usually don't think about how the blog is possible because you don't do what the vast majority of us do e.v.e.r.y. day in order to keep body and soul together. I suggest you not intrude on the enjoyment and escape your readers take from your blog by reminding them that you have it better than them :-)

  8. oh my gosh Anonymous-- I can appreciate that my comment might be hurtful and for that I am truly sorry. Perhaps you might think thoughtless, as well. But I assure you, I have made a life's work of choices and decisions to carve out my daily world--- the manner in which I live my days did not drop in my lap from no where--- so as much as my comment may sound judgmental and I grant that it certainly can be read that way-- it was more astonishment to know that there are other paths, other choices and yet, as you say, be reminded that most people do travel by car for hours at a time to get to and from work-- every day. My comment was not dishonoring -- it was acknowledging how remarkable people's stoicism is and, yes, that I am grateful to no longer be faced with that daily challenge.

  9. My friend, you certainly need not explain your words, or choice of words. it is your journal here, and i am honored to be given a peek into your owe no explanation or apology. it is your "private property" that we are allowed to walk on. your life, your thoughts, your actions are what they are, and although you are free to write what you please, your intention is never to harm. Having had the pleasure of knowing you for many years now, i can say with some authority that you do not have a thoughtless, or ungrateful bone in your body. if i hadn't known you, then just being a reader for some time would certainly give me the sense of your core values. your explanation above is most certainly as anyone would have expected...unnecessary, yet considerate.

  10. love you bitch -- thank you for this post -- i need these kind of posts for my own orphaned new hampshire mom (she never got over it)...sometimes your posts challenge me because your life seems "so perfect" and then days like today they don't because your life seems so real (what is the difference between real and perfect anyway?)-- love you elizabeth, you have fun splashing in those waves next week, you brat! ;) xo p

  11. Merci for bringing me a little bit of your fall color to my still warmish, green & blue Florida world. Now I want to go to Providence. ::sigh::

    (Anonymous might need to make some life changing choices of her own if she found this post offensive. Just sayin'.)

  12. Love you , love your pictures, love your courage on your choices, you go girl to the surf. Yes it is all about choices.

    Thanks for sharing !


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