Wednesday, October 12



This week I am joining in the 52 Photos Project-- the prompt was 'handwriting.'

A pretty easy thing since I actually scribble on my desk-- all. the. time. (Note: not quite as verboten as Michelle who scribbles on her MacBook<-- the horror!) Heading up to New Hampshire tomorrow to leave the dogs with Dave as I am headed to OBX next week-- oh yes! Serendipity-- sounds like a bit of heaven to me. Picking up Jen and Amy at the airport and driving straight onto the beach into the water (it's a rental-- who cares right?) -- I'm seeing something like a blue convertible flying off the boardwalk landing with a splash-- maybe it will convert to a floaty car ala Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

Or, maybe we will just park like regular folks, leave our bags in the trunk, stumble out into the soft sand and sit our butts down-- listen to the waves and watch for the pelicans.

Either way, I'm all in.

Bisous, E


  1. Very creative photo ~ Perfect for 52 PP ~ namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

  2. cannot wait.... xoxoxo

  3. Oh, how this all sounds so divine! Wish I was joining you this year, but the west coast calls me this time around. how we want to be so many places with so many wonderful beautiful women! safe travels and hugs and kisses galore to all of you!

  4. Loving your photo, Liz. Have a wonderful time in the OBX with the sea nymphs!! xo

  5. Love the idea of desk writing.. I will be there next week with all you sea nymphs! Can't wait.
    driving down Wednesday morning.
    Maybe I will jump in the ocean fully clothed, haven't done that since I was a teen..



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