Wednesday, October 5

trying to be good


Oh kids. The sun? This morning? Pouring in. Filling the room with light.

I just snapped these pics 30 seconds ago because a) I must share the warmth of this yummy morning light and b) anything to distract/delay me from work I MUST do this morning because hello-- I have procrastinated as long as humanly possible.


I want to be good, I really do-- I want to send out the 847 emails I must send. I want to finish the database and clean my closet and write letters and make phone calls, walk the dogs, meditate, make a healthy breakfast and do everything that needs doing yesterday that I put off until today-- but oh man, all I want to do in this moment is lay in the sun.

So instead, I moved my "office" into this front room where the sun can shower down around my shoulders and I will try not to be distracted by it.


Part of this savoring is that yesterday Christine and I (plus Amy and little Vijay) drove up to Portland, ME to visit with the amazing Amanda and Annabel and it was pouring rain. Pouring rain. Lucky I wasn't behind the wheel or we would never have gotten there (read: am an octogenarian when it comes to driving in bad weather). Turns out Michigan produces good (young!) drivers as Christine just barrelled through.

But it was a gray, rainy day from start to finish so this morning's light feels all the more soothing-- though I must say-- hanging with the soule girls at Arabica and Duckfat-- chewing the fat and talking creative projects (as well as consuming milkshakes and belgian fries--omg!) had its own cozy sparkling mojo to be sure.

But now-- I am here. It is WEDNESDAY-- oh lord-- we are talking the middle of the week and I need to nail my butt to the chair and get some work done stat.


I'm thinking I might need to move my computer back into the real office-- I mean, is it even possible to work when the lure of the sun to the couch is this strong?

Bisous, E


  1. I want to move into your flat. Fact.

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  3. Me too Susannah, love all the whites and that floor is amazing. I love that the pups are doing what you long to do, lying around in the sun.


  4. What a beautifully peaceful space that looks! The warmth of that rug against the white ... Ahhhh, no wonder the dog looks so contented lying there!

  5. pure dreaminess. It would be so hard to resist sitting there...

  6. When I die I want to come back as a cat, or a dog, just so I can lie around in the sun.

    Lovely home E.


  7. I usually move my stuff right on the floor in the bars of sunlight and then I can work until my heart's content! I do have to wrestle for the space with my puppy though. Sometimes Franklin wins, sometimes I do, it just depends on if I am using the stapler or not. (Franklin is terrified of the stapler...hehehe...)

  8. Oh my goodness. I am drooling over the photos in this post. I was already enamoured with your little cute home and the way you've decorated it, but now THIS. Sheesh. Pure inspiration.

    I would have a hard time being inspired to work in that setting, too. Or perhaps I'd feel inspired to be creative in ways that are different than what my work presently demanded. :)


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e